Friday, November 03, 2006

Another one of those things...

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Thursday, November 02, 2006


Yes, it's true--my family has found my blog. Welcome aboard, kidlets, and feel free to make as many snarky comments as you'd like!

Now on to the good stuff! Since I've mainly been working on Lady E lately, here's a picture of her at (I think) 24 tiers. Or maybe it's 23. Anyway, she's rapidly approaching the limits of portability, so it may be time to cast on Lady E II. This week alone, she's been worked on in the car on the way to the airport, in the Starbucks at the international terminal, at Zephyr, and during both the Biggest Loser and Survivor. Yeah, I have totally declasse taste in TV shows, but what can I say?? I love watching reality shows, my very own form of train-wreck-watching.
This is Padua doing what he does best. Or at least, what I like him to do best! He has the most raucous meowowow of the whole crew, and when he's not happy, we all know it. But he sleeps nearby when I'm on the computer, and tonight during Survivor he slept on my lap while I knitted.
Thought as long as I had the camera out, I'd take a progress shot of the latest (maybe last?) Ab Fab. This is the Sorbet colourway and I'm liking it, although the blue in the one mohair blend comes across awfully strong. I'm starting on the third repeat of the progression, probably will finish at least 4 repeats and perhaps take it to a 5th. We'll see how the proportions look after the last of the 4th.

Don't look at the messy part of the chair. Please. I throw an afghan over it since the cats like to nap on it, but then they pull the afghan down and get nice and cozy in the wrinkles. Funny how, if I make my bed in the morning, and the quilts are nicely flat, I won't see a cat on it; but if I'm running late, and leave it mussed up, I'll come home to 3 or 4 of the little darlings sleeping in the folds.

Oops. Looks like I'm turning into one of those old ladies who yammer on and on about their cats. Just call me Mrs. Figg. (And here I've been identifying with Mums Weasley!)

Monday, October 30, 2006


That's kind of like musing, only more aimless. It's what I feel like these days, loose ends, unravelings. More hours at work = less energy, less time for knitting, less time to plan stuff and take care of "business."
Here you see what happens to my printer when I'm not looking. Yes, it is covered with a poster and there are books propping up its little shelves. I don't think it was designed to hold 15 or so pounds of cat, let alone all that fur. The books are galleys of new releases that I'm reading for work.

But who could move that adorable face?

Then there's this one--he's perched on top of the shredder, which lives next to the computer and printer. Gee, I hope it's heavy-duty enough to withstand cat hair.

Today was trippin' down to LAX with youngest D to pick up her friend, who was arriving from England. Now, Mel lives in Australia, so this was a detour of sorts, but she'd been visiting her grandparents in Sussex. Last time she visited? She arrived from Dubai. The girl is well traveled. She'll be here for a couple of weeks, right in the middle of the Halloween extravaganza. D5's husband loves Halloween and spends hours decorating and planning his presentations for the lucky (?) trick-or-treaters that dare the porch. I'm going to miss it this year--and the grandcarrot's debut as a puppydog--since it's Tuesday, and if it's Tuesday it's quilting night. Students can cut class but Teach needs to be there. (Yes, there are people there who call me Teach. Otherwise very nice people, whom I love dearly.)

So there was knitting on the way to the airport--it was dark on the way home--and in the Starbucks in the international-arrival waiting room. Still working on Lady E, who is rapidly approaching a lack of portability. Wonder if that means I can cast on Lady E II (the Woodland colourway) for traveling??

I have some grandcarrot pics to post, too, but I'll save them for next time. I'm hoping that the Ds will all take plenty of Halloweeny shots, too. Since I'll be quilting and all...