Sunday, March 26, 2006

Things-To-Do List

Simon is showing what he thinks of my busy schedule. I'm thinking I need to take a lesson! Well, at least the Great House Clearout is proceeding, even though it's at a snail's pace. Two more rather large objects were removed on Sat., namely the Maple Dresser and the VW Bug. Yes, Bugsy has gone to his new home in Pomona with Scott and Courtney; he apparently didn't have any problems making the drive out there. With the dresser gone, there is now room to move the small desk into this room, which ought to allow for a little more computer-table room.
One of the blogs I read has a policy of posting pictures of her WIPs once a month. I think that's a great idea--I just don't know if I can round up all of mine to take their pictures. Knitting stuff, sure; quilts, well--not very easy. And then there are the scrapbooks-in-progress. Well, maybe I will try to at least round up the knitting projects for April 1. Then the entire world (or at least the minuscule amount of it that reads this blog) will know what a bad case of startitis I have!
Hmmm...maybe it's motivation to frog a couple of things that I'm not loving any more. That would certainly clear the decks a bit!