Thursday, May 11, 2006

Lilac Time

Spring is definitely underway here. Lilacs just mean spring to me, and I am very very happy that my elderly lilac bush survived its Ordeal By Pruning last year. I think it was actually supposed to be coming out, but the "trimmers" left enough of it that it came back this year. Only three flower clusters, but that's enough to encourage me. Of all the things I miss about living in the East, lilacs, lilies of the valley, and forsythia head the list. Peonies, too, but then I've never been able to grow those anywhere. Well, we'll see what happens as I continue this journey of rediscovering who and what I am, now that the "old" definitions of "wife" and "mother" have given way to "widow" and "grandmother." It's rather scary out here, on my own, so I'm taking baby steps. Also, as promised, a couple more shots from Wed's SnB session--Madge with her finished Wobbly, and the "mystery yarn" blue UFO that was brought to light in my garage a month or so ago. It really is kind of pink, blue, yellow and white all blending together, with some eyelash-y bits in a shiny material. It has to date to 1988, since this is yarn and a pattern that came from Australia. These were probably bought in a little wool shop out on a farm, which had baby goats playing in a pen out in front. Cutest darn little guys! And why, yes, I did buy a couple of hanks of white mohair there as well, and it's out in the garage as well. I know a lot of people have more stash than I have, and some have older, but mine has HISTORY, folks!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

More FOs!!

Today was a great day for finished objects at our SnB! Madge had her finished Wobbly Tote, Robyn finished her first sock, Madge finished another tote (black with a fuchsia skull & crossbones) and I finally put the crocheted edge on the Candleflame shawl. The color on the picture kind of washed out, the sock is quite vibrantly lilac and the fuschia is much deeper--and the black is true black, not gray. The Candleflame looks pretty good--you can barely see the blue edging along the top. It's been quite a while since I did much crochet, but it really comes right back. All it needs now is a quick run through the washer and dryer to "block" it and it will be ready for its trip to Conn. I took more pictures, but I'll spread them out a little. Until I can get a high-speed connection, uploading pictures is heavy going. Funny isn't it, how you can trundle along quite happily with something and then all of a sudden it's just not cutting it any more. Of course, last year I wasn't blogging, didn't even have a digital camera, and my computer--well, let's just say that one wasn't as good as my youngest granddaughters'. Now that I'm on the third replacement of that one, I want more more more! But, high-speed access is now cheaper than dialup, so I'm going to go for it. Tomorrow or the next day. After we find out what's wrong with the phone lines (no dial tone). See what I mean about one thing leading to another?? Much better to keep on knittin'!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Another Weekend...

Yes, it's another weekend past. Sum total of knitting accomplished: 3 rows on Birch. That's it. Did read through my new books, though: Knitting out of Africa by Marianne Isager, and the Morehouse Merino book. Both good reads, for different reasons. A couple of patterns in each one that look interesting to make, or to adapt. I guess it's a Good Thing to say that I bought no yarn, although I was mighty tempted. This really turned out to be a Shopping Weekend. Middle daughter's department store (can I plug Mervyn's here??) had a Friends-and-Family weekend where we were given cards that entitled us to her employee discount. Woo hoo! Let's just say that I am now "set" for summer nightwear and new earrings. Oh, the food--that food--that's the buffet table Youngest Daughter set out for her husband's 30th birthday party. They also had a Casino Night and other attractions. Me? I was at work, the way I am every Saturday night. It's all part of my Be Out and Around People Plan (as an alternative to sitting home feeling sorry for myself) and I am enjoying it. Maybe some more knitting tomorrow night--Monday is Apprentice Night, and I am really looking forward to seeing what happens next. I am such a reality-TV fan, and the cheesier the better. Apprentice, Survivor, Extreme Makeover Home Edition--great knitting TV!