Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday is for...

Progress report. CPH is coming right along. It's actually a little further than this picture shows, almost ready to start the armscye decreases. Yarn is much darker in person--flash made it really red. It's a good choice for this pattern, though, as the cables pop and the tweedy bits keep it interesting. Yarn is wool, acrylic, and floor sweepings.

Friday Flahrs:
A clump of mini-daffodils. I love bulbs. Pretty flowers even when I'm too lazy/busy to get out there and garden.

Friday Cats:
Of course it's sleepy time. Simon found a nice cuddly spot of wrinkled quilt to curl up in; his barely-open eye says, will you please take that camera somewhere else?
Hi-Hi is currently majoring in extremely fluffy. I've been trying to figure out if that wide-body look is because he's gained weight, or if it's just his winter coat. I've got all the windows open upstairs, heater's been turned off all month, and it does get a little chilly in here.
Padua does not have mumps. Not even one mump. It's just the way the colors of his fur blend on that side that make him look that way. This is the mildly disgruntled look of a cat who's been "disturbed" for a photo and not offered a third breakfast.

Notice how he's got himself a nice crumply blankie to sleep on, too? What is it with cats? He has a perfectly fine purr-pad, but no, has to make himself a nest.
Hoping for a little quality knitting time this weekend--we'll see. D4 needs to have some work done on her car, so we're booked in for an EARLY appointment at her mechanic's, hoping they will get it done in one day. There's also a hint of a "family dinner" in the wind for Saturday or Sunday night. D5 is traveling east this weekend to spend some time with the East Coast relatives--lucky D5! Oh well, I might be headed there myself soon.
If you like to write letters, you might want to pop over to Domesticat's blog and read about her Knitterly Letter Swap. Did I sign up? Well, let me put it this way--you may not know anyone who has a bigger collection of stationery, fountain pens, colorful inks, and pretty seals. (If you do, let me know--she might want to swap letters!) Sounds like a fun idea. I think I remember how to hold a pen!

Sunday, March 18, 2007


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Cousin time! Seems the only way I can upload these pictures is to post them from Flickr. Oh well, they are cute enough to warrant a post apiece!

Never too early to read...

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Carrot's got cousins! On his recent trip he got to spend some quality time with his next-older cousins. He's growing!

B in B, Part Deux

How much progress can one make on the Central Park Hoodie while walking around a quilt show?

This much.

A little quilty eye candy for you. This is Ellin's quilt, well it's really a collaboration. Ellin and her husband work together to produce amazing amounts and quality of work. Many of their quilts are destined for charity, or are meant to be auctioned for one good cause or another. This one was a labor of love and it really shows.
Way to go, Ellin!!

Th-th-that's all, folks! Unless I lean out the window and take another picture of a cloudy grey sky, and let's face it, you see one, you've seen it!