Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Here it is--the pinkalicious purse, seen on the arm of a very pinkalicious lady at the recent Barbie show. She was very nice, very friendly, and was quite happy to let me photograph her pink purse. It matches her pink sandals, she showed me, and it also went with her pink outfit. She'd worn it to remind her of the doll she was going to pick up, which is wearing a... wait for it... pink outfit.

Barbie show always includes lots of pink. Many attendees seem to feel it's necessary to dress like Barbie doll, but I can assure you it isn't. I don't.

But, it does make for a fun outing. Would I have preferred going to the Santa Monica Fiber Fest? Probably. But my wallet, and my credit card balances, are much happier that I made this choice. Total spent? $0.

So imagine my surprise when I showed up for Montrose Monday Knitting, and found that Mary had resurrected her Wobbly Tote.

It's pink. Totally pinkalicious.

This is a view of the back, along with a random person at the coffeehouse who is obviously smitten with the project. Kudos to Mary for picking up this large WOOLY UFO!!
As you can see, though, the coffee house's nice table provides a good resting place for all those little bobbins of yarn. And they do keep their a/c at slightly above freezing, so it's not painful to work on wool.

Check out Madgik's new project--her Chevron Scarf. I will let her tell you what she calls it.

However, I will just note t hat I am sporting a large example of the species, in exactly those colors. No pictures. Nuh-huh.

So Wednesday is usually Knitting Day, but this week it became something else. Several people had conflicts so we had to cancel our knit n' coffee time.
But it was okay, because this Wednesday happened to be Guild Day. And August, being a hot month, is not usually a terrifically well-attended meeting, so it's become our annual charity sew-a-thon. Here you see my work space--serger threaded and humming, I managed to get quite a bit done. Note the snacks readily at hand: blueberries and blackberries. You can't see the table with the cookies and veggie tray and cookies and crackers and cookies, but it was there.

Here's one quilt top, ready to be backed and quilted. Blocks made by E. and H. (the quilting doctors) and the whole thing assembled by Yours Truly.
Here's a couple more shots of the work area. This is the table behind my sewing station, complete with lots and lots and LOTS of stuff.

The guild ladies--there were 19 of us today working on this project--left with 27 finished quilts as well as another 20+ in progress. Now, not all of these quilts were started from scratch today--remember, I had blocks already made--but still, it's an impressive total. Our Charity Chairman Charlene has a goal of 100 quilts to donate this year, and it looks as if we're well on our way!

You may have noticed (duh!) that there are pictures with this post. Darling D4 fiddled and futzed with the camera, and it is now happily working away. Plus, the more I use it, the better it seems to behave. Whew! (The body is healing.)

On a happy note, I went to the workshop today with 4 large tubs full of stuff. I came home with one tub, half-full. Yay for destashing!! And the best part is, it's all going to get used in a good cause. One tub is full of quilt tops (with matching backs) which some of my friends (Hi Anne! Hi Carol! Hi Lisa! Hi Sandy!) are going to use for practice--they took a long-arm quilting class and are really eager to practice their technique, and this tub o' quilts will be perfect. I just love it when everything comes together!