Friday, April 21, 2006

The Easter Bilby Came to Visit

Yes, he did! He came with Youngest Daughter's friend Melanie from Australia. Seems that, in Oz, rabbits are such a pest/nuisance, that having an Easter Rabbit would be akin to us having an Easter Cockroach. Enter the bilby, an unassuming little marsupial whose claim to fame is a sorta-rabbity appearance. Oh, do Google it--you know you want to! In the meantime, blogtime has been rather cut short by the death of the computer. Yup, poor thing fried in an electrical storm--and how often does that happen in SoCal anyway? YD's husband, who is our resident computer guru, has declared it's deader than the proverbial doornail, so I finally broke down and ordered a new one. I am hoping that it will come soon, as I miss being able to upload pictures--and we've gotten some good ones lately, too. Daughter Meg took the camera out to get some shots of the baby daffodils, the camellias, and the roses. On another front, the WIP-busting is continuing. The blue butterfly shawl has been finished (got a great shot of Madge modeling it at SnB) and the beige Candleflame has also been extinguished. I made a serendipitous find in my garage--a box of blue yarns that I'd been looking at finally called to me strongly enough; I brought the box into the house, cleaned off its lid (my garage is not very tidy), and lo and behold, not only was there some lovely yarn in it, there was also the beginnings of a sweater--2" of ribbing and another 14" of a pretty lace pattern, still on my beloved ancient size 7 Balenes! Now, the best part is that I was actually able to figure out the pattern, and have done several more repeats--it's now going to be a shawl. Pics soon!