Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pretty Pictures

Well, today I had hoped to have pretty knitting pictures for you. It was certainly a day for eye candy, and a feast for the yarn lovers at knitting group! Patty had brought some of her homespun for Knit Devil, who was working with some loverly red Wool of the Andes. Annette brought her treasures from Stitches West, plus her Tulip Baby Sweater (yummy Dream in Color yarns), Sknitty came by with her Hellebore (didn't get the brand name but it is beautiful!) and Pam had her nearly-done Shedir to share and work on. Mary was working on her Pond Scum sweater--I can't say that color name without smiling!

I had the Taiyo scarf I started on Monday, and Miss Audrey. I got to do two rows of the scarf and fondle a little yarn, but then it was baby fussing time so we had to leave early. There is just nothing quite like painful screaming to disrupt the atmosphere! The good news is, once we got her home and settled down, she went to sleep quite peacefully. Many thanks to everyone for their patience with me and my little friend!

So, instead of yarny goodness, may I present construction-progress photos. The "tile guys" have moved in and are busy applying mud to the shower walls and floors where tile will soon be laid. We (D4 and I) decided yesterday that we will indeed carry the same tile all the way through the back of the house, so the studio/workroom will match the kitchen, mudroom, and back bathroom. The top photo is taken from just inside the kitchen door, looking at the trapdoor to the basement The second photo was taken from inside the kitchen and shows the wire mesh that will hold the "mud" in place. Then the tile will be "floated" on top of the layer of concrete. That hole in the wall with the copper pipes sticking out is the rough plumbing for the ice maker. What a concept--plumb for it first!

However, I do have some fiber for you--quilty goodness! The two quilts shown here belong to Anne and Gail, and the quilts are from the same pattern. Because the fabric choices are so different, the two quilts are barely even fraternal twins!

Have to show you a close-up of Anne's quilting--isn't it purty??

Quilt #1: Anne's, in brights with a lot of lime green and yellow and a nifty striped border. She is planning to hang this in her kitchen where I think it will liven up the place!

Gail's on the other hand is much calmer and the florals she used give it a whole different mood. She also added floral sashing to mellow the look: when she first laid out her blocks,with the black and white borders, the whole quilt felt jagged and agitated. The floral pulls colors from the blocks and makes them stand out so that the design and the fabrics used in them can be appreciated.

The quilts are from a mystery weekend project sponsored by Bearly Stitchin' last year.
That's it for now. I've been told that when I get home today the washing machine will be hooked back up (they were still installing faucets to it) and, since the plumbing has passed inspection, the trenches in the front yard can be filled in. I shudder to think of what has happened to my irises...