Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Baaa, Baaaa, Baaaa

Join much? However, I do think that this is a good idea, so I've joined up. I know I'll be able to get the button onto my sidebar sooner or later.
It's just that tonight I'm rather tired, so I'm having trouble figuring it out. Maybe I'll just need to repost the picture every so often??
However--since the first set of colors is blue, grey, and white, I'm in-like-Flynn. I have probably cornered the market on blue, grey, and white yarns. Not to mention inks and paper for scrapbooking and cards... And fabric. Oh yeah, lots and lots of blue and white and silver fabric. And plain grey.
Not to mention the grey hair. And blue eyes. Oh, yes, I will be in my glory with this colorway! We'll see how well I do with some of the others, though. One thing I can be sure of: I will always have enough yarn and fabric and paper and inks to participate!
You will have noted, however, that I am NOT doing the "Knit from your stash" thing. I am organizing mine, and downsizing it, which will mean doing mostly stash knitting--but hey, when Webs is practically GIVING away pretty mostly-wool yarn, what's a girl to do??
The little BLUE Irish Crawling Scarf is moving right along. There will be pictures as soon as it looks sufficiently different to warrant photography--or it's done, one or the other. Except for that, not too much knitting going on here, too busy trying to get over this galloping crud I've been fighting for the last month!

Monday, January 08, 2007

This n' That

This is a square for NETA's afghan, which went into the mail this morning. The square, not the afghan! It's hard to see the pattern, but it's the Little Shells pattern that I used for Garrett's green blankie. The long tails are deliberately left in, to help with the joining. I wish I could be at the joining party this weekend, in NH! Unfortunately, I'm still here in CA.

Oh well. Next up is another lousy picture, this one of the beginnings of a scarf for the Grandcarrot. He's got a trip to Cold Country coming up and doesn't have a scarf! Imagine it!

So, Memere to the alert! This is a baby-sized version of the Irish Hiking Scarf. Why not? D3 says I keep wishing we were Irish--well, if my brother's research keeps going in the direction it's headed, it may turn out that we are, in fact, some percentage of Irish instead of Scottish.
I know, it really makes a lot of difference... still. Baby is going to get an Irish Crawling Scarf. Since he's not old enough to walk yet, let alone hike!

The box is almost ready to send off, but first we need to remove one item, which isn't being sent.
The box contains a couple of shawls for the Shawl Ministry at St. B's in CT. I think Simon just wants to send them off with an extra little soupcon of love!

Finally, here's The Boy with his new haircut. Cute or what?

That's it for today. I think.