Saturday, September 27, 2008

Progress, of a Sort

Last Sunday, many knitters gathered at my almost-finished house.

Did I get lots of pictures of the good food?


Did I get lots of pictures of the knitters?


I did manage to get a picture of the spinners' corner, but only one spinner at work. Seattle Marie was down for a week and it was a really fun, busy week. I do think this was probably the only time she ws still enough to be photographed!

The little cousins made an appearance. Miss Audrey stayed to help entertain the knitters, while the "boys" went to a train-themed birthday party at Griffith Park. Where, ironically enough, one of the knitters had left her husband while she came to knit, eat, and socialize!

Big cousin Garrett decided to ham it up for the camera--this seems to be his standard thing these days. He'll be doing something adorable till you point the silver box at him. Too bad, G, Memere is mean enough to post this rather unflattering shot on the internet! Next time, let us see your adorable smile...
There. Got through the patterned part of the latest baby sweater, and here it is.

This will match the little pink hat I was showing on the blog not so long ago--which, it seems, has vanished into the depths of the house.

Sigh. Story of my life, these days. I have lots of things but many of them are buried.

I've had another setback in the box-emptying project,as well. Thursday last I went in for an angiogram and a top-up of the coils in my aneurysm. The surgery went well, I got to spend a night in ICU and then walked out. Yes, ICU patients do not normally WALK out, but I figure, if I can walk, why ride?

I'm doing fine. Just need to take it easy for a while--no driving till Monday, and no lifting anything heavier than a book till then.

After that, my weight limit for the next 4 weeks is 15-20 lbs. So just barely able to handle Little Missy and her small cousin but not Big G. The kicker there is, I'm supposed to be flying east in a week and a half. But how do I manage luggage for a week's stay that weighs less than 20 lbs?? And that's not 2o lbs per bag; that's just a total of 20 lbs.

T'is a puzzlement. Oh well, I'll think of something!