Friday, January 26, 2007


The feeling didn't pass. Cast on tonight:

This will be Trellis done in the same yarn that I used for the Irish Crawling Scarf.

Still being "plagued" by the same nasty sinus infection/allergy attack/plague so not a lot of content today. Sorry! When I'm feeling better I'll tell you the hilarious tale of how I managed to get on the wrong side of a locked door... without car keys or house keys.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

We're Back!

Once again, Blogger is playing games with me. Sigh. It's so much easier to write about a picture when you can actually see it!
There was traveling over the weekend, sort of a Family Invasion. The Irish Crawling Scarf got a workout. The Crawler says it kept him warm, and tasted good, too.

Then there's the matching Aran sweaters... a boy and his grandma. Who didn't knit either sweater, sigh.

Then the view out of the hotel window:

Who knew that there would be more smog in Salt Lake City than in Los Angeles? At least for this past weekend. There will be more pictures as the other "participants" start to get theirs uploaded too.

I am happy to report that all went well. The grandcarrot was a perfect darling, the aunties got to spoil him rotten, Memere got in some good cuddle-time, and best of all, he's now signed, sealed, and officially forever a member of this family. Yay! He was very good in court and smiled and made big eyes at the judge.
He's now racked up a total of five states visited so far--Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah. He's a very well-traveled baby!