Monday, August 25, 2014

One Done, Two Too!

First pinwheel quilt is on its way north to the longarmers--feels good to have that accomplished! The second one is ready to go--just needs a little pressing to make the borders lie flat and then it's going to be matched with a back and queued for mailing.
Right now it's looking a little crumpled but it's spread out on the sofa to breathe. It's too dark in the house to get a good picture, so this will have to do for now.

The quilt supervisor got a good workout today. He's sleeping it off now.

Anne was here and working on one of her ongoing projects, making adult bibs for the Memory Care unit at her community. It's a good way for her to use up some of her novelty fabrics, especially the ones that don't look as good cut up into little pieces.

A couple of weeks ago we started tossing fabric trimmings and scraps into the punch bowl that seems to have taken up residence on my dining room table. I love the way it looks filled with colorful bits of fabric!

Earlier today, it was wearing a "whipped cream" topping as I'd been throwing the white trimmings from the pinwheels into it--but today gave it a new layer of color.

More white tomorrow, I hope, as there will definitely be more pinwheel trimming happening!

I also worked on a little organizing today, and now these threads are sorted by type and ready to use. I made some room on one of the shelves in the closet, and these all fit there. Clear boxes, so I can see at a glance what's there!

Hard to believe that next Monday is Labor Day already! The local little ones have gone back to school, and my oldest great-granddaughter, Paige, started kindergarten today. Hard to believe time has passed so quickly--but then, I guess it has!

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