Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Catch Up!

Okay--this is it for pictures today! Blogger appears to have taken an aversion to my photos tonight, been trying for the last three hours to upload four more and it keeps saying "no no no"--well, to be precise, I get a little bar that says it's uploading 2 of 3... and then sits there. I mean, I've eaten two artichokes, cleaned up the kitchen, gotten semi-caught up on blog reading (and on some fascinating groups on Facebook, too!) as well as watching Anna's fabulous 105-picture slideshow!

And managed to get one picture uploaded.

I'll try later, or tomorrow. Meantime, here's a picture of my half-square triangles in progress, which have now been completed, cut in half, and are awaiting the next step--pressing! I'll probably do that tomorrow while I'm wrangling laundry, or maybe I'll cut the sashings for my Mill Girls quilt. I got the blocks all neatly pressed, so they are ready for their next step.

I've been kind of busy lately with the ongoing process of trying to go through my belongings as preparation for downsizing my living situation. I've sent yarn off to a couple of places, went through some of my fabrics and found four boxes worth to take to class last night--the only things that came home with me were a piece of lime green flannel and a small piece of one of the Millenium fabrics, showing stylized Eiffel Towers. How could I not?? One of the pictures that's refusing to load is of the spread of fabrics as we went through them. 

There are so many other things that I'm ready to move along... But for tonight, I'm going to go sew some more binding and watch some stuff I DVR'd over the past few weeks. I will say, a good episode of Hoarders can really motivate me to keep sorting and purging.

Maybe I can upload the pictures tomorrow. The problem may be that none of them have cats in them...