Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sushi Socks!

Looking around for some purple and orange, and while it's a bit of a stretch, here's some: Nordy's apparently has a "thing" for orange, as you can see by their bags, with a little purple thrown in for good measure.
This is the Grandcarrot at 9 pm after a productive night's shopping. In the bags? His new jeans.

Some new clothes for Mom.

And for Memere? Sushi socks!
Shown posing with my new green Birkenstocks. I had to promise D3 (aka the Fashion Police) that I would not wear socks with my Birks.
But aren't they cute?
I was in Downtown Monrovia yesterday and my friend (whose birthday we were celebrating) wanted to go to the library.
Guess who hangs out at the Monrovia Library?
Gotta love small towns!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Brown, Orange, Purple

Time to say hello to the last group of Project Spectrum colors.
First up, my pretty peach rose from the front yard. I was trying to photograph these today with one foot in a hole and the other balanced on a slope, while the breeze blew the flowers around quite enthusiastically. I am amazed that this came out so well, because there was also enough glare that I couldn't see the image on the camera's little window.

I like that the orange daylily has some purple jacaranda blossoms on the sidewalk next to it. For some reason, the jacaranda blossoms are hanging on much later this year.

Purple yarn. Okay, pinky lavender yarn, but still. It's close.

This is orange, not brown, but it's close.
Now I have to admit that ET did some shopping last night, and lo and behold, what did she order?
Some brown yarn.
Some purpley-brown yarn.
Some peach yarn.
When it arrives, I'll show it to you. Promise. Gotta hold that ET accountable, after all!

By the way, if you haven't read Crazy Aunt Purl today, go do it. Hopefully that link will take you to the right post. I think she's been tuning in to my frustrations and aspirations. In any case, the post gave me a lot to think about.

So I'm off to think about them. And to dream, in color, about what to make with these yarns!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Adios, July!

Do you want the commercial first, or the eye candy?
As if I need to ask!

Here's a little quilty goodness for inspiration. This is the new shop where my quilting class is currently meeting.

No, this is NOT the commercial. This is the eye candy!

I just love being surrounded by fabric, and quilt tops, and all sorts of fibery fun.

Makes me want to come home and make quilts.

This shop is in an industrial building so it's got that funky HVAC-in-the-ceiling thing going on. Lots of exposed pipes, that kind of thing.

But the red walls don't look industrial at all.
Okay, here's the commercial. You have to save me from myself--there are too many adorable kittens out there needing homes. I CANNOT have another cat. I may WANT one, but I just can't.
Why? Well, I have 3. The limit in this town is 3. More to the point, however, one of my 3 is FIV positive. Yeah, he's also known as Expensive Cat. I think, since he's already 14 or 15 years old, it's not going to shorten his life span appreciably, but he's still high maintenance.

Oh, these are some of Gail's quilt squares. Aren't they pretty? This is going to be one stunning quilt when it's done. King size. Oh my. Hopefully I will be able to get more pictures of it as it heads toward completion.

Anyway, back to the kitten situation. Anne found a home for her little black foundling, happily. Patty is still looking for a home for Charlie Brown. She has the most, I mean MOST adorable pictures of the little guy posted--go check out her Flickr badge! Then today I heard from Lyssa, who currently has 6 little ones up for adoption. Check them out on her kitten blog! (Yes, she has two.)
Please help! Save me from the kitten lust!

One more quilt picture for you. In spite of my blurry photography (I must learn to use the camera properly. I must learn to use the camera properly.) this is quite a lovely piece. I am especially fond of the amalgam of snowflakes and cubes. I want to make one like this, but I don't think I will be able to duplicate this one--nor would I want to. I'm thinking, white snowflakes, blue skies... maybe the cubes in greens and beiges and greys.

Motivation to clean out my sewing room and make it work for me! I would post pictures of the disaster area, but I'm afraid I would lose my PG-14 rating. My father used to refer to the room as a g**d**n warehouse. But then, he was also known to refer to the entire household as a g**d**n cathouse. Anyway, once it's in better shape, I will share some snaps... if I can learn to use the blankety camera, already!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Last Hurrah for Black/Red/Metallic

Last night was the Full Buck Moon. I didn't get out to take its picture. You'll just have to imagine a big bright full moon, okay?
So, I haven't been very faithful to Project Spectrum the last two months. Not quite sure why, except that maybe I found the combo of red/black/metallic sorta uninspiring. However, I'm willing to give it one last try.
Herewith, some red and black yarn. This is Cherry Tree Hill possum, superwash merino/possum. It's been discontinued and I got some on a super clearance. It is soooo soft and lush, will make something nice and cozy. Whether it will be a sweater or a shawl, hasn't been determined yet. I am sorta leaning toward a shawl, since I seem to be in a sweater funk (see previous posts re: CPH) and shawls are easy and still provide warmth and cuddle-factor. In this climate (read: blast furnace most of the year) warmth is a given, but I do have family and friends in colder places.

Just so you can see how far I had to stretch to find something red, here's my phone.
Well, it's red and metallic, right?

How about a nice red rose?

More red roses?

Okay, that's it. I almost got out some pictures from July 4th, because I have some shots of my grandcarrot, his mom and dad, all wearing red shirts.
That would be a stretch.

Enough ramblings from the melted remnants of my brain--I am quite ready to bid adieu to the month of July.

Oh, except for one thing: wishing a happy birthday to the newest teenager in the family, Brian. Hope it's a good one!