Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Eye Candy

Posting from "the road" again so thought I would share a little of the floral offerings spotted. This arrangement was in the Apple Farm's dining room. I didn't get any of the gorgeous parrot tulips with their faces up, unfortunately, but at least you can see the colors.

A door bouquet. Is this a good idea or what?

Mystery flowers. Anyone know what these are? Blossoms are very tiny, maybe 1/4" or so across.
Remember back in Feb. when I posted a picture of a bed of purple kale? Well, this is what it looks like now--the heads have bolted, and there are big sprays of yellow flowers! And yes, I do know that the pink and blue things are not "real" flowers!

Knitting etc. content will resume upon my return. Breath holding is not necessary, as this is a one-day-turnaround trip! (Might be otter pictures tomorrow...if the little rascals cooperate!)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Full Pink Moon

...which is resisting having its picture taken! And no, I did not make that name up just for Project Spectrum.
You can check it out here.

Every time I try to take a picture, it comes out blurry or distorted. So this is the best of a bad bunch. We've been having haze and high humidity, which I think explains it.
Or of course a crappy photographer!
This morning's excitement? At 4:30 am, this happened. Just a little reminder that this is, after all, earthquake country. It was a small one, and I was able to stop hyperventilating after an hour or so. But forget about falling asleep!

So when you look at my springy pictures, remember this is the flip side of the coin. Well, that and the drought, and the heat, and t he fires...
To change the subject, here's a new topic. Quilter Gail (sadly blogless) completed this in class last night. It's a Pythagorean spiral done in paper piecing--well, foundation piecing. I freely admit that this is not my forte--I have trouble with the upside-down-and-backward aspect of it. I could learn to do it well if I put my mind to it, and I have a New York Beauty pattern which has been calling to me, so maybe once I get my "studio" set up this will become a priority.
Do you hear the flapping of porcine wings??

My order from Little Knits came: two hanks of Sea Silk, in the Wildflower colorway--perfect for this round of PS.
Well, except for that blue and orange in there. But it is soft and yummy and the colors glow from within, so it's all good.

Gotta love Sea Silk! This will be a shawl of some sort--I have several patterns that I'm mulling over. News at 11. Or something.

Dutch iris are so pretty and they keep coming back, no matter how abused they may be.
Just a little touch of color in the weed patch that used to be my front flower bed.

And more bearded iris. This is the same one that was photographed last week--you can see the old blooms still on the plant, as I am rather a lazy photographer and gardener both. I love the way the orange glows in this flower, though, really striking.
That's a gardenia behind it. It's a happy gardenia. Wish I could say the same for its sibling, planted two feet away, which is leggy and demoralized. Time to give it some TLC in the form of scratching at the dirt and an application of fertilizer.

In knitting news, I managed to get up to and past the armpit decreases on both fronts of the CPH. However, it looks very little different than it did the last time I took its picture, so we'll just wait till I get a little further.
That's all for today, folks! I am being paged by the laundry--the warning signs were evident this morning: last clean pair of jeans, and we're down to the less desirable underwear. (Hmm, maybe I need to take a lesson from The Sheep... )

Monday, April 02, 2007

Some Comes In, Some Goes Out...

For instance--you've recently seen what the new acquisitions have been.

Well, meet the outgoing stuff. Sorta the de-acquisitioned stuff, as it were.
And it were gone. Here's the empty tubs to prove it. And look at how empty the shelves are getting!
Well, okay, not totally empty, but there is still a lot more space than there was.
Yeah, my garage is pretty dusty. It needs a door. One that will actually close and open--this one can't be closed or we'll never get it opened. Never Ever Ever! The blue basket is just laundry--chocolate-colored, and covered, sheets. Memo: if you are going to eat chocolate-covered honeycomb, keep track of the pieces. Sitting on them leads to disaster, or at least changing the sheets!
Oh, look! Wonder what this new toy is on the floor? Did Mom put it here for us??
Step away from the CPH, boys.
Look! A back, part of two fronts, and the first inch of two sleeves! Progress!!
Mom, I'm cuter than this guy, why do you take HIM everywhere and leave ME at home??
Here's to a good day out of knitting, de-stashing, and good talk with good knitters! KD and Cat Book Mom (who's got her blog back!) and I met for some of all of the above today. CBM has a group of knitters who make lots of things for charity, so the three bags full plus the progress-to-date on the Trellis baby cardi went to her. Trellis? Great pattern, very cute. I didn't knit fast enough. Baby grew. Life is short, move the pieces on and move on! Sent them out into the world, hopefully to find some good karma and someone who will love to finish it for a baby who will get lots of wear out of it. Yes, I sent the pattern along. I will probably print a new copy and start it over again, in a larger size, for the grandcarrot.
I probably should have kept track of what I sent off, so I would know how even the exchange was--how much went out vs how much came in. You know what?
I don't care.
So... what?

Sunday, April 01, 2007

A New Month, New Colors

Yup. April Fool's Day, and I have yet to prank anyone. Oh my, don't tell KD, she'll revoke my Tarnished Badge of Evil!
And yes, I know you've seen this yarn before...but the colors are just perfect for the green-and-yellow part of this month's new Project Spectrum colors!
As is the pink rose... backed by some truly spectacular greenery, wouldn't you say?

Or the camellia that grows out of my new deck. The one that isn't content to have beautiful pink-and-white flowers, but also needs to produce a few sprays of red ones, too.
D4's photo of the Hollywood Hills fire, taken from her job's parking lot. Quite a bit of pink and yellow in that smoke... am I stretching yet?
And the last little bit, pink and green marshmallows, home-made by D4. Both of these batches happen to be peppermint-flavored, but I think the green should be spearming. Or the pink should be wintergreen. She says, when I make them myself, I can pick the colors and flavors to match!

I'll look for more things in the new colors. And maybe I'll go look for someone to spoof. Can't lose my badge, now can I?