Thursday, October 12, 2006

Playing Possum

Here's the Possum from the title of this post:
Cherry Tree Hill's wonderfully soft Possum yarn--and no, it's not those scuzzy American opossums, it's New Zealand possum, a whole different critter. I was able to score some red and some black on sale, and I should have some dark blue on its way from a cyberfriend who's destashing.
What's that you said? I should be destashing too? But of course I am! Why, I have a large box all ready to go out today, and if I can get myself into gear, I'll have another box too--the shawls for St. B's and some extra yarn. I just need to go pick it up, is all.
That's all. Really. Uh huh.

On the quilting front, I want to present the latest additions to my block collection:
And in close-up, so you can see the details and the fine workmanship:

No, I didn't make these. They are part of the M&Ms mini-group swap. I owe these nice people each two blocks. They will get them, and soon (I hope). Okay, I understand that in this area, as in so many other areas of my life, I'm behind in my commitments and obligations. I really am trying to do better. Sigh. I guess it's time to remind myself: there is no "try." There's "do" or "don't do." Time to get my achy self up and "do." I have been "playing possum" for too long now.

I hope that these nice ladies will read this and let me know who made which ones. I think they should get the credit, don't you agree?

Last bit of eye candy for you today, still in the fibery realm although not yarny:

Tuesday night, Anne mentioned that her older son wanted a quilt with "jewel tones" and did I think I could help her pull some? Well! Here we are--emerald, adventurine, turquoise, sapphire, blue lapis, amethyst, tourmaline, garnet, ruby, topaz, carnelian, and yellow diamonds! I got the black to set it off. SHE managed to get all her stars cut out so I am quite hopeful that she will be showing off a completed top shortly. Have I mentioned that she is the current reigning Speed Queen Quilter??

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Now, here's a sight to warm a grandma's heart! These are my two youngest granddaughters, aka Lizzie and Tori, showing their knitting. They really have made some progress, haven't they? Please do pardon the burst of grandmotherly enthusiasm here!

I forgot to bring my camera on the City of Hope Walk today, which is probably just as well. None of us were looking our best, especially after the first mile or so--sweaty, sticky, sore. But we finished! I was making great progress on a pink (of course!) shawl but then I got hungry. Let's just say, if you are walking and knitting, it works fine; but if you then eat a sticky granola bar, you will wind up with sticky needles and sticky yarn and a royal mess, and you will finish the walk clutching a water bottle and carrying the knitting in its bag. It was a lovely day for a walk, though, and it was a very good feeling to get those 5 kilometers hiked! Plus of course, it's a good cause.

Not to mention, where else can you see big burly men wearing t-shirts that say "Save the ta-tas!"