Wednesday, May 02, 2007

CPH Challenge Update

No photos. I tried to take pictures of the full moon tonight, but it wouldn't cooperate. Tonight's is a Full Flower Moon, by the way. I know you wait with bated breath (unless you've been eating sushi, in which case it's baited breath) to hear what the moon-of-the-month's name is!

The CPH Challenge is rolling right along. In fact, a little bird today might have spotted three knitters all cabling away on their CPHs, while in Seattle, another knitter was working on hers. The challengees are all on Sleeve Island, a lonely and endless black hole of cable, increase, cable, increase, increase, cable... 20 inches of endless knitting to the armpit decreases. I realized today that I have less than a week to go before taking off for "furrin parts" so I'd better hustle my bustle and get that puppy finished--before it winds up in disgrace like the MOTW!

Stay tuned for news... and maybe a picture or two.

Oh, all right, here's one... just to keep you from being too bored with this post!

Chihuly glass from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I love this!

Monday, April 30, 2007

These Shoes Are Made for Walking...

...and that's just what they did!
Newport Beach, California, April 29, 2007... March of Dimes Walkamerica!

Crossed under this archway twice. 5.5 miles.
I had forgotten how emotional an experience this walk can be. Many of the teams wear t-shirts commemorating babies who were born too soon--some of whom are there on the walk, and some of whom didn't make it. The whole last mile is given over to signs "in honor of" or "in memory of." Our family was lucky--our little premie-girl is strong and healthy today, with only a few after-effects of her early arrival.
Many babies aren't that lucky. So walking to raise funds for research is very important.
The Grandcarrot went on his first MOD walk, accompanied by Mom and Auntie L--she's really his great-aunt, but we just say she's a Great Aunt!
The boy enjoyed his outing. I think there were a couple of pictures taken of Memere walking and knitting, but so far they haven't been sent to me. If and when they are, I'll share them.
Yeah, I was able to walk and knit for most of the first mile and a half. Then we hit a bit of "heavy mist" and I couldn't manipulate the fuzzy yarn on the bamboo needles when they both got wet.
But, I got my ribbon:
The gardenia? Well, that certainly smells a lot better than I did at the end of the walk!

Cherub's got teeth! Happy Garrett shows off his new biters--I tried to get a picture of the restaurant where we celebrated his daddy's birthday, but it didn't come out well. Let's just say we "Thai'd" one on!
Mondays are for knitting in Montrose. Dim Sum Mary tried her Elf socks on little Mac, who came with his mom, Sadly Blogless Beth, for some knitting and "baby talk." Both Knit Devil and I were chugging away on our Challenge CPHs--poor KD has yarn burns on her fingers from knitting so fast and furiously. Watch out, LMM! The stakes are high!
Simon says, can we just stop talking now and get some sleep?
He's been keeping my laptop bag warm...and decorating it with artistic swirls of white tummy fur.