Sunday, July 28, 2013

Brunching It

 Obligatory photos of cat and pinwheels in progress. Because you can never have too many cute cat photos!

The Quilting Supervisor approves of listening to The Kingston Trio while chain-piecing pinwheels.

 He's not so sure he approves of U2, though. However, I'm still the one with the opposable thumbs, so my musical choices rule.

I'll spare you much nattering about the pinwheel quilts. Suffice it to say, the process is the same as the one I documented while doing the 150 reversed blocks.

I've currently got all 150  of these up to the three-blocks-added stage. Next sewing session will be to add the fourth blocks and close up the squares.

Then I'll finish cutting the setting strips and make sure I have enough cornerstones, and the fun will really begin.

I think I've figured out the most efficient way to do this, but I'll have to wait and see.

 The little As were over today so of course I had to get them to model their new sweaters.

Here's Abby in her green one. She says it's very soft and she likes the butterfly buttons.

Audrey likes her pink one, too.

I'm still chugging away on sleeves for the boys' sweaters. I think I have a short grace period since it won't cool off here for a while yet.

The big news around here right now is that last weekend Daughter Meg got engaged! So today was a gathering for brunch to celebrate.
I tried to get pictures of everyone but had to put away the camera when the daughters were caught posing with their kids' bike helmets and threatened me if I took the picture.

They were adorable, but you'll have to take my word for it. Pics or it didn't happen? Well, then, I guess it didn't happen!

Lots of delectable food. Deviled eggs, homemade taquitos, with homemade guacamole and salsa too; chicken salad sandwiches on croissants (ham and cheese too), a gorgeous fruit plate and plenty of watermelon.

Mimosas of course.

Lemon bars and warm brownies for dessert.
The kids all had their bikes so they went outside and rode around in my driveway,which is nice and long,  and smooth, and safe--especially with the van parked across the end of the driveway!

Some of the braver ones tried riding down the little hill on the front lawn. That lawn has seen an awful lot of kid-action over the years!
 N8 loves to eat. He is so active though that he burns it all off!

Strawberry girl with her favorite fruit.
The shy one. 

The other four boys were too busy and didn't stop moving long enough to get snapped. I guess that's just the way with kids!
 Who knew that the cat tower my cats ignore would make such a great cousin toy? They especially like the "ball in the jail" part of it.

Didn't see anyone scratching on it, at least. But it was good entertainment!

A busy, noisy, happy day!