Saturday, October 20, 2012

Knitting with Marie

IMG_4665 by marie watterlond
IMG_4665, a photo by marie watterlond on Flickr.

... Seattle Marie, down for a visit, modeling her sweater. I like it, and I'd be inclined to knit one like it, if she can remember the name of the pattern.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Visitor from the North

 This week, we've got a visitor from Seattle here to knit and carouse with my knitting -and friends-groups! We had a mini-meetup today with Marie (formerly Azusa Marie, now Seattle Marie, the city designation is to distinguish her from Yours Truly, aka TC Marie), Annette and Mary. This is Marie with Annette's son, Jordan, who is nearly 2.
 A park is a perfect place to let a little boy run, and run he did! There's also a nifty sculpture in this park (Shelton Park in Claremont, FYI) and he paused for a moment...
just to see if he could fit his hands in the handprints. I should have taken more pictures of the sculpture--it has a neat vignette in the front, which I hadn't seen from this angle.
 We had another get-together with a different group of friends on Sunday. Here's Lynn taking a picture--of course I caught her just as her flash went off! Doug though it was very funny that I was taking a picture of his wife taking a picture. It's just what I do!
And one last shot of Marie and I with Mercene. Sort of triple trouble.
If you don't believe I take lots of pictures of people taking pictures--here's Anna, aka Woolie Mammoth, taking a picture of some of us in Santa Clara. We'd met up with some of our "fellow travelers" from the trip to France last month. Such fun to see them again!