Sunday, November 30, 2014

It's A Mystery!

Fabrics picked out and ready to get started.

... a mystery quilt, that is! Because I'm mildly insane, have lots of fabric, and nothing but time on my hands (sure!) I decided to get in on the Quiltville Mystery Quilt--full info here. There's also a very active group on Facebook doing the quilt.

Notice I posted a badge/link to the blog over there. I won't go into a lot of detail here since it's all covered pretty thoroughly on Bonnie's blog and on Facebook.

I've joined the Monday link-up here.

I've been trying to recruit some fellow scrapaholics to join me in this but so far they're resisting. I think the first clue sorta scared them off... check my photos and you may see why!

Ready, set, go!
Got all my stuff ready to go--fabrics, cutter, camera, punchbowl for fabric scraps, notebook (I still can't use my printer so I just made notes of what to cut and how to lay it out in the journal), coffee, Kleenex... You know, what the well equipped quilter needs!
The supervisor will make his appearance shortly.

I'm not following Bonnie's color scheme exactly, mainly because so much of my stash is currently inaccessible with my limited ability to lift and tote and haul boxes around.
Love these happy 30s repros!
HiHi is doing his supervisory work.

 Besides, I have a lot of thirties prints right here in my sewing room!

The pinwheels made a dent, but it wasn't a very big one...

The black has a random dot print very reminiscent of stars. The scale of the print and the subdued color of the multi-sized dots makes it a good match for the small prints.

Bonnie is using a constant yellow, but since I've only got scrappy ones, I'll use the black as my constant.

I apologize for the different lighting in these photos. Some of them were taken with my digital camera, which tends to go with the ambient light. In this room, it's the overhead chandelier which has a bit of a yellow cast to it.

The phone's camera takes a truer color most of the time. I could probably play with filters and work on getting the color more consistent, but just so you know that the colors are the vibrant lighter shades--not the slightly sepia look!

I pulled all the pink and blue fabrics from my 30s box.
He's very meticulous about his work.

I thought there was a lot more in there! It turned out that most of the pieces were 5" strips from fat quarters--so I was only able to get one 3" strip from each, which yielded 6 squares.

Wound up using some fabrics that weren't in my first choice but I did have just enough, especially of the blues.

All cut out and ready for the next step!
But they finally were all cut out... I wound up with a nice collection of selvage strips for Anne, and a 2" strip of most of the fabrics.

There may be a Log Cabin or similar strippy scrappy quilt in my future. If I can look at 30s prints again soon, once this is done...

At the risk of being super boring, I've just captioned the pictures with what's going on in them.

Scroll down to the bottom to see the pictures from my other project-in-process! It is taking more concentration so it's not getting as much attention as these babies are!
Overview of the finished cutting spree
Drawing lines

Sewing one side of the triangles

Chain piecing the second side.

All done and ready to press and trim!
This is what I'm taking a break from and/or working on when I'm feeling fresh and "sharp."

You may recognize this as my project from Judy Niemeyer's class at Asilomar back in February. I've got all the parts done and have started to assemble them.

Just slightly finicky and fussy matching all the points so they look good and fit together properly.

First block done! There are twelve of these... 12 sections in each block. I don't want to do that math because I might find it overwhelming... so I'm just putting together a few sections at a time as I feel up to it.

Yeah, they may have cut up my back but I think my brain has taken a hit too. I can really tell where my deficits are when I start working on something like this.

But it's getting better. And maybe soon I'll have this ready to be quilted! I've got the perfect backing fabric for it...