Tuesday, June 17, 2008

An Early Fall

This was early Sunday afternoon. Little Miss A joined the Christian community, with her uncles and aunties and cousins in attendance. Not to mention lots and lots of relatives on her daddy's side of the family, too, of course! We missed the other three families, although we've been lucky enough to see them all recently.
Little Miss A and her godfather. He has requested that I refer to him here as "#2" so henceforth, this is the face you may associate with that number.
Audrey and mommy. There are lots more photos on my Flickr page, but this is supposed to be mainly a knit and craft blog.
Whew, I sure don't stick to that much, do i?
Oh well. Sometimes one must live one's life as well as knit or quilt. After all, this is lots of fun too!
Warning: grossness ahead. If you don't like to look at pictures of feet, or of bruises, or if you have tender sensibilities, you might want to quit reading here.
I warned you.
Turn back now, all you queasy stomachs!
Okay. here it is. The beginnings of a truly purple-icious foot!

This is the outside of the ankle...
and the inside...

and, for comparison purposes, the pair o' feet side by side.
Yes, it is broken. And sprained. Yes, I fell again. At Audrey's party, in front of all the relatives from both sides of her family, at her grandparents' house.
What happened? They have a brick patio, and at one point where the yard slopes there's a step down that is only one brick high. In my defense, I have to say I'm not the only person who fell over it on Sunday, not even the oldest person--just the one who fell the hardest.
Pasadena's 911 squad are prompt, good-looking, and very efficient. I was whisked off to the hospital ER where, in due time, it was determined that I had broken this ankle (as well as spraining it thoroughly) and three ribs; twisted but not broken my shoulder; and stressed, but not damaged, my hips. So there is much to be grateful for and it would be very petty of me to complain. So I won't. I "got" to stay overnight, and was encouraged to stay for a second night as well. However, Monday was #2 and family's last night in California, and I wanted to spend it with them (and watch them with the babies, because they are soooo cute together) so I talked my way out of the hospital and back home. #2 and sister D3 made up the bed in the guest room--moved a few boxes out of the way, put on a pretty quilt and fluffed the pillows, brought me down a lamp and an alarm clock and my reading material, and I'm all set. Even have a fan for these hot days.
So, I'm resting a lot, and working on healing thoughts for those bones, and trying to keep it all in perspective. The Daughters have forbidden me to drive (#2 threated to take a small but very expensive part out of my truck and take it home with him to mail back to me if I drove), so they are providing chauffeur service. I did make it to quilt class tonight--I wish I had a video of Anne pushing me around in a wheeley chair to help her pick out fabric!
And, I have internet access, so I'm catching up on my friends' blogs and some Ravelry forums, and even taking a nap or two. Making lemonade out of the lemon that's growing on my ankle, even though it's closer in size to a grapefruit!