Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Thanks, Robyn!

Robyn took this picture of us working on the formerly-an-afghan WIP, now the Bundles O' Green Yarn. The funny "thing" with the X on it is one of the current objets d'art on the walls at Zephyr. The stuff on the coffee table is the projects everyone graciously put down so they could help with the unwinding. Thanks again, y'all--you're great!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

As Promised

Here it is--the infamous WIP pile. I have to admit that it would be much larger, except for the fortuitous idea I had for the "ultimate WIP buster" aka the Frog Pond. Yes, Junieann, your Oregon Frog Pond has a counterpart here in SoCal. So the off-gauge (read: would fit three of me, and I ain't no petite princess) Yankee Puzzle has been reverted to a lovely ball of beautiful burgundy Jaeger Aran; the confused Elann shawl (Uros Aran, a lovely lovely yarn in a pretty pale teal) is back to basics; and thanks to my beloved Pasadena DayTimers, the 5-yarn afghan is once again 5 balls of yarn. (I'm hoping that there will be a picture soon of the 6 of us, 5 winding yarn and one person unraveling, since it was truly one of the more memorable sights at Zephyr!) Anyway, these beauties are, front, the blue Butterfly Shawl (need to finish one ball of yarn and bind it off, and voila!); Birch, in Rowan Kid Silk Haze, liqueur color; two pinkies--one is the fronts of a Divine wrap sweater, the other a feather-and-fan scarf in two glitzy fluffers; and the latest Candleflame Shawl, done in Reynolds Utopia and destined for St. Bernard's (Tariffville, CT) shawl ministry. The back row: the infamous MOTW, my latest Ab Fab (Colinette, Sorbet colourway), and a black-and-white boucle shawl. I have enough of the boucle to finish this one and perhaps even a second shawl. There they are, in all their glory. No new projects for a while, till they are all much further along. (Or have taken a short happy trip to the Frog Pond.) Note the preponderance of soft fuzzy yarns there? Wonder what that says about me...