Wednesday, January 07, 2009

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas...

... the Three Kings finally made it to the stable! We have a family tradition where the manger gets set up, minus the Baby Jesus (he shows up at midnight or so on Christmas morning, if we remember where we hid him) and the Kings travel all over the living room. They usually go across the mantel, over the windowsills, and finally get to the stable about the time the tree is gone and the rest of the room is cleared of most vestiges of Christmas. Well, not this year. It's been a bit busy and both D4 and I have been hacking and coughing so things are moving a little slowly.

However, I have managed a few things. My square for the Ships Project afghan is in the mail, and my Special Olympics scarf is done and ready to mail in the morning.

As far as floozy casting on, well, I got one thing started tonight while watching the first episode of the new season of Biggest Loser. This:

It's two colors of Encore Colorspun, Mistake Rib pattern, pretty fast and easy so maybe it will get done quickly.
I'm t hinking seriously of ripping out the basketweave scarf I started earlier in this Flooze-along, and redoing it in this pattern. I'll have to sleep on it, though, and maybe take soundings from the rest of the OOPs floozies.
Happy Twelfth Night (even though I'm posting this after midnight, so technically it's over. Pfffttt!).

Sunday, January 04, 2009

On the Tenth Day of Christmas...

...we worked on taking down the Christmas tree, and cleaning up around the place.
Hi-Hi helped. Being his typical modest self, he didn't want to be shown packing ornaments or taking down lights, so he ducked the camera.
Oh well. He's still pretty!
Simon helped too. Simon's idea of helpful is to stay out of the way, thus avoiding being stepped on. He did, however, convince me that it's a good idea to leave the shredder unplugged. No, he didn't get shredded, nor did he get tail fur caught in the blades (again). He just jumped off the computer table, and turned it on, once again.

No more of that. So here he is, being helpful in his own way.
The pillows and afghan are a present from D4. I'm thinking they are going to stay around for a while longer, since they are really more "winter" than "Christmas."
I was a bad floozy today, didn't cast on anything or even wind any yarn. I'll try to make up for lost time tomorrow, though, since it will be back to work and back to chasing Li'l Missy A around. The segue to that is that once I've done that, I'll be ready for some good couch time.
Besides, there's a new season of The Bachelor starting. Talk about a cheese and whine fest! Oh yes, there will be good TV this week--new season of The Biggest Loser starts on Tuesday (thank you, DVR, for making it possible for me to watch it even though I'll be teaching that night!) and we've already started the Miss America reality show. These are perfect knitting shows--they capture that percentage of brain that isn't engaged in the knitting, so I can sit still and get lots done!