Thursday, May 08, 2008

Updating the updates

We have lights! The living room sconces are once again operational. They've been rewired (one was unfixable and is up as a "dummy") and have new light bulbs.
So nice to have lights again!
And the coffeemaker has a nice new place to sit. That doesn't flush! So nice to wake up in the morning to the coffeemaker grinding the beans and a lovely aroma wafting up the stairs!
Okay, so it has to compete with the delightful scents of plaster and paint...

There has been knitting, too. The lavender Shedir is up to (down to?) the decrease rows, and should be ready on time.

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Montrose on Monday is fun. Joselito's did a Mexican Flag special: red, white, and green enchiladas. Complete with little flag!

And someone is learning to sit up. Not quite there all the time yet, but almost!

So that's my update. Baby: growing. Knitting: occasional.
House: getting closer and closer to finished, and to the dreaded Emptying of The Bins of Doom.

Okay, that may be a tad dramatic. But you get the idea!

And finally, the kitties will get to come home. I miss the little guys, and I hear they have been creating their own brand of havoc and wearing out their welcome. Let's hope they'll be as glad to come home as I'll be to have them!