Friday, March 28, 2008


I have mentioned a few times here, and on Ravelry, that I am currently driving around in a Yarnmobile.
This is because, in the midst of packing up my house for the Renovation Project, I sorta panicked about the current WIPs and decided that they needed to be "protected" along with all my important papers, and stashed them in the back of my truck. I knew that a day of reckoning was coming, though, and today was the day. With the help of my lovely assistant, Audrey-Vanna, I hauled all 7 of the bags out of their mobile safekeeping and piled them on the sofa. The topmost picture is the "long view" of sofa and lovely assistant. (She's sitting in a "Rainforest Jumperoo" by the way, a wonderful invention for keeping small babies amused. Every time she bounces, it makes lights and noises and music. I'm really tired of every sound it makes, but she isn't, and she's in love with the concept of cause-and-effect.)

So anyway. Closeups include some of my new yarns, like my pretty Kauni from Webs. And my STR and Yarn Pirate club yarns.

Yummies! The Wool-Ease isn't there. Don't look at it. It's gonna be hats for the granddaughters, maybe. Another year. All of this uncommitted yarn is now living in a big ol' Target bag and will go in Miss A's closet for safekeeping, along with my valuable papers. Cause everyone needs to clutter up their grandkids' closets with their personal crap!

The other bags are going to come with me. Oh, yes, did I mention (for the 400th time) that I leave for Asilomar in the morning? Yay for clean air, fresh ocean air--the conference grounds are right on the beach--and nothing to worry about but my quilting. I'm leaving the house project in the capable hands of D4--hey, she can yell at the contractor at least as loudly as I can! I know I won't have much knitting time while I'm there, but there will be times (like the evening programs) when I will want to knit a bit. And yes, I will try to post regularly from there--it's such a great experience that I really do want to share it! Go here for details!

I will close with a vignette from Easter, showing our ice cream cake.

Hey, it's a yellow "peanut" m & m, but ice cream--all the way through, except for a couple of layers of fudge. With mini m&m candies inside.

And a knife in its middle.

What can I say, we are a sick family.

Well, how else do you cut a cake? Huh?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Actual Fiber Content!

Yes, I know, you thought it would never happen. Well, here it is...
First, my scarf-in-progress in Noro Taiyo.
This is the yarn my fellow OOPsers and I scored at NeedHay one fine Monday. I'm doing a 4 x 4 basketweave sort of thing, which seems to look good in this kind of variegated yarn. 32 stitches across. I'm semi-tempted to frog and go down to 24, but then sanity reasserts itself and I realize that I would then have to reknit the whole freakin' thing. And, I am really not lovin' on the yarn, so it's going to stay. We'll see how it feels once it's gotten done and been given a bath. My skein did have the obligatory knot, between colors, but luckily it came between a grey and a black so it's not very obvious.

Then there's a progress pic on the Very Warm Hat for Audrey's daddy.

Because, of course, everyone needs a Very Warm Hat when the temps are in the 90's.

Gotta love Spring in SoCal. One day it's 90+ and the next it's barely 45. No wonder everyone goes around sniffling!

Here's the crown of the blue side of the hat. The decreases make a nice spiral. Plain but "manly" right?
And another view, showing the turning row. This is going to be my project for the programs at Asilomar, I think: something I can work on in the dark!
And, Louise finished her quilt. She's entered it in the Glendale Quilt Guild's show, which is this weekend in Burbank. It's made from the leftover pieces of her Bouillabaisse quilt, including the back. The only new fabric she added was the black for the star's background.

It's not only a gorgeous quilt, it's a great use of "leftovers" and quite in the spirit of quiltmaking everywhere!

So the house continues to progress, but not in a way that lends itself to photography. The ductwork has all been replaced and they are now installing new heater/ac vents--which can't be seen, because there's paper and plastic down on the floors to protect them from the painters, who are also busily at work. Nothing started on the outside painting yet, but I've been told the kitchen cabinets are ready to move in once the painting in the kitchen is done.

In fact, I'm supposed to be buying a kitchen sink today, along with some bathroom fixtures for the remodeled back bathroom. It's going to be so spiffy that I think we'll have to move the cats elsewhere for their feeding/watering/catbox needs.

Speaking of the boys, they continue to do well in their respective "shelters." Padua is getting some needed medical attention (poor old guy) so boarding chez the vet has been a good plan; and Simon and Hi-Hi are having fun at D3's. Garrett loves them, they tolerate him, Hi-Hi's been raiding the toybox for his Mighty Hunter times and Simon just follows the "guys" around. I just hope they'll be willing to come back home...