Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday Whatsis

Some of my knitfriends use Wednesday as a WIP-Roundup day. Not me. I'm not even well enough organized at this point to even find all my WIPs! However, here's one that is an about-to-be frogged-object, an ABTFO.
This is the start of a Lady Eleanor, in Noro Transitions. First of all, I grabbed the ball thinking it was the "other" Noro, and I didn't realize my mistake right away. I cast on in the car on the way to hear the Harlot on Saturday, and this is how much I got done that day standing in line and waiting for her talk to begin.
Pretty good progress. Except that the gauge is definitely bulletproof, and at this rate it's eating up yarn really really fast. So I would have, if I continued with this piece, a "wrap" that would be really dense and maybe a foot long. Cause I have 3 balls of this stuff, and this is half of one ball.
Rrrrrip! The needles are out of it, and it will get frogged a bit later tonight while I watch Tim Gunn and learn a bit more about why I'm not very stylish.

For your pleasure, a recent shot of the Grandcarrot:

He is definitely into the maniacal 15-month-old phase by now, adorable little bundle of motion. He doesn't just walk, he runs. And he's inordinately pleased with this accomplishment, too.

Here's a little tease for you--these are all tubs of yarn that are headed for my Giant Crafters' Yard Sale. Next weekend, some fellow knitters and quilters and crafters are going to re-home some of our stash to make room for the latest acquisitions. I'll have more info for you, but if you're in the SoCal area, save the date: 9/29.
Poor Project Spectrum has been rather neglected around here lately. Well, purple and orange are a good combo on the toes, no? No!
This is what happens when you drop a bottle of shampoo (25.7 oz) on your toe.
For orange, how about some rose hips? They are pretty, and decorative, and I refuse to make rose-hip jam.
Oh, the cinder block? Isn't that how everyone props up a sagging rose bush?
Hi-Hi has found a new snooze spot: in Meg's clean laundry! He seems to think this is "his" towel and you know, she's inclined to let him have it, at least till next towel-washing day.

Simon always looks very hopeful. I'm not sure what he's hoping for, but he's very hopeful.
Ah, controversy! Here's a quiz for you.
I got these shoes. I think they're pretty cute, and very comfortable. Birki clogs, red with cartoon sheep.
D4 thinks they are awful.
D4 says I can't wear them. Ever. At least not out in public.
She thinks they would be cute on her 8-year-old niece, but not on her (supposedly) grown adult mother.

What do you think? Should I send them back to the Birki store, and get the blue or purple or maroon suede ones?
What is the price of familial harmony?
Oh, do go on over and see how the Fairy is growing!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Very Harlot Saturday

Long-awaited, much anticipated:

We gathered at the impressive Los Angeles Downtown Library. Newly reopened after extensive renovation, there's a delightful atrium with sea critters and a fascinating sculptural piece. Something to look at while we all lined up patiently waiting our turn to go in.

Knitters of all shapes, sizes, genders, ethnicities, waiting waiting waiting. That line is actually wrapped around itself and everyone is standing there knitting. If you have sharp eyes, you can spot Wendy, MJ and Carolyn down there in line. (I'll add MJ's blog link when I can find it--must be leftover Harlot-fumes fogging my brain!) (Edited: found it, added her link! Go over and say hi to Bella, too!)
Once we got seated, Wendy organized us all for photos. As you can probably tell from the size of that lens, Wendy is a pro and takes some really great pictures. She's promised to send us all some, and I hope that she'll also post some on her blog.

I did smile nicely and hopefully didn't crack the lens.

I won't name the owner of that hair, just because. She knows who she is!
Ellen got to do the introduction. Go Ellen!! Then Stephanie came out, took her "usual" photos of the crowd with her traveling sock. Then she spent the next hour and a half keeping us in stitches (tee hee, I made a knitter pun!) and giving us lots to think about.

Have I ever mentioned that I love Stephanie?? Yeah, I admit it, I'm a Harlot groupie.

Then she signed books. And signed books. And even when she got to the end of the line, she still had a smile and a couple of comments for everyone.

Here's an example. And we were at the tail end of the line, too!

She signed Barbara's book, and mine, and even got very excited with us over Annette's first sock. (As she should, in fact, since it's a lovely thing and very well done!) That's Annette over there, waiting her turn, while Wendy keeps the camera handy.

She even climbed up on the desk to get a peek at Patty's darling shoes. I won't tell you what Mary said, but I hope she repeats it on her blog.
All of this wonderfulness was made possible by the indefatigable efforts of our own Madgik-worker, who made the reservations, organized the carpool, and generally herded cats to make sure we got there on time, with cameras, knitting, and enthusiasm.

I don't seem to have caught any pictures of Madge or Jillian or Zoe or Mary, and that's not the best shot of Patty, either. Now that I think about it, I could have photographed those cute shoes myself so you could see them. Sigh. It's that Heat Wave Hangover again--I sure hope I get my brain back soon!

So there you have it. Please do check out my traveling companions' blogs for more pics and more comments. And if the Harlot comes to your town, let me know--I'll be on the next flight over there!