Friday, September 22, 2006

I'm a Bad, Bad Blogger

Why, do you ask? Why, because I missed a golden opportunity to have my picture taken for all y'all with--Elmo! That's right, the furry red dude himself. The voice and "soul" of Elmo, aka Kevin Clash, did a talk/signing/photo op last night, and I was there. Without camera. (I don't even own a camera phone.) With apron--I was on duty, natch. Let me just say that he was entirely charming and witty, and that his speaking voice is as deep and resonant as you'd expect from a normal person. His book is well written and fun.
But I didn't get my picture taken with him. Sob.
So, after work, I drowned my sorrows in a pomegranate-tea and got a little knitting in, thanks to a friend who's willing to sit outdoors and knit even in sub-70's weather. I finished the knitting on the dark blue shawl--ends need to be run in, and it needs a bath before it can get its picture taken. Then it will be off (along with the white Candleflame) to its new home.
Work beckons. No pictures of Elmo, sob. Maybe next time??

Monday, September 18, 2006

Pea Pod Takes A Bawth (with apologies to Eloise)

So the knitting on the body and sleeves is done, and it was curling really badly... so I decided it needed a wash-and-set:

In the sink, with some nice shampoo and a rinse of raspberry conditioner--mmm, soft. Too soft. Floppy squishy soft. Ok, it's superwash, into the dryer for 10 minutes. By the way, the water turned green. Wash and rinse both.

Out of the dryer, still damp, patted into shape on a towel. Covered with another towel because around here, this is what happens:

Have you met Padua? He's the second-oldest of the cat family, around 16 or 17. He's part Siamese--lanky body, loud piercing meezer-voice--he came from the parking lot of the Civic Auditorium back when the kids were still working there. He's been living with FIV (kitty HIV) for lo, these many years; thank goodness, there's a vaccine, so his housemates are safe from infection. He sometimes gets cranky and will swipe and growl.He's also the one who tore out the screen door, trying to protect his territory from a visiting cat. Small but mighty, that's our Padge!

So I guess this is a P on the Pea Pod?? More pics when the sewing-up gets done.