Friday, December 08, 2006

Knitter's Day Out

Y'all know what this is. It's a gratuitous cat picture (it's Simon, sitting on the shredder), because like the dork I am, I didn't take any pictures at all.
But let's begin at the beginning. I don't even remember how all this started, but I got involved in a Day Out with friends. KD and I headed to the wilds of Burbank (Toluca Woods? Really??) to meet up with CBM for lunch, coffee, and knitting at Romancing the Bean, a website-less spot in the aforementioned Burbank. After much knitting, noshing, and general jollity, the gleesome threesome made their way to Unwind for some yarn fondling. Yummm. Then KD and I headed out to Studio City for (of all things) buttons. Yes, Pea Pod needs buttons (still) and the hope was to find some charming and appropriate buttons for PP and for KD's pink-and-red sweater. Results? Mixed. KD got some, I didn't. But wow, what an experience La Knitterie is! For true yarnaholics, I think this is probably the equivalent of a three-day-bender with associated memory loss. Wow!

Do you think I got to rest? Ah, no. It was also the night of the quilt guild's annual Holiday Dinner. More festivities, more food, great company and presents! presents! If I remember I will take pics--well, I can't exactly photograph Lisa's contribution, since it was in a gold See's box and said "Eat Me!"

Work continues to be busy and I have to say, I am enjoying it. I love setting up a nice display and then having it disappear into people's hands. I am such a book pusher. Love those books! And, yes, a number of them have made their way home with me. Wanna know what some of them are? Sure you do! (Partial listing, ok? Don't wanna short out Blogger!)
1. Lisey's Story. I don't normally read Stephen King (except that I love love love his nonfiction books on writing) but the theme of this one is appealing to me.
2. The Shape Shifter. I really like Tony Hillerman's style.
3. Deadly Slipper by Michelle Wan. A new (to me anyway) mystery writer.

Okay, off to re-examine the latest Knitty. C'mon, Sknitty, let's dish!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Off the Wagon--Sorta!

So today I went back to the shop and fell off the wagon, and this is what came home with me:

Isn't it adorable? I had seen it on Friday and "resisted" the temptation to buy it. I was sorry as soon as I drove away, but by then the shop was closed.
So Saturday, I had some commitments that I needed to honor, made myself a promise that I'd stop by on my way in to work. So at 4:05 I pulled up and parked in front of the shop--which closes at 4 on Saturdays! What could I do?

So. Today I got off work at 2, and made tracks for the shop. Had to hunt through three piles of canvases, and was beginning to think that they had already sold it--after all, I'd left it on top of the stack! Obviously, I did find it, since I'm confessing to having bought it. I also got enough #5 perle cotton to work it in. I'd spent t he weekend debating whether to work it in "fancy" stitches--you know, like brick stitch for the house, and french knots for the trees--or do it in a kind of flat, primitive style. I think the primitive has won out. At least for now. They did have some gorgeous merino needlepoint wool...and Impressions are also good. Neither of those had the color range of the DMC, though.
And no, this doesn't mean I'm giving up knitting. As a mother-of-many, I can share my allegiances!
And in addition, I finally got to meet Larry!
Let's see how long it takes before this becomes an FO... unlike the poor neglected and unloved MOTW!!
So maybe I need to finish that "thing" before the end of the year...