Saturday, April 05, 2008

Back "Home" Again

Here's my project--unfinished, of course, but at least making progress:

I like this layout but I think I will probably be tweaking the design a bit more.
At least, all 20 of the blocks are sewn, so instead of having 40 or more pieces I'm now down to 20. It's all wrapped up in the sheet of batting, ready to work on should I ever again find myself with a spot to work at!
Came "home" to D3's house, where D4 has been camping out for the past week. We're going to go over to the house later on and see what's been done while I was away. If we can, we will figure out how we can move back in and get along there, since D3 is getting ready to play hostess to one of our CT families.
Simon has managed to get into something (probably the fireplace) and turned his white ruff grey.
Also his white tummy. He's been trying to wash it off and it just sort of looks icky.

We've told him if he doesn't "come clean" he's going to need to go to the groomer's for a bath.
He isn't impressed.
The drive home from Asilomar was uneventful--considering that I was driving a rental!
That's right, the parts for my truck didn't come in, so it's still sitting in Seaside waiting for them. That means that as soon as the truck is done, I can return north to turn in the rental and pick up the miscreant and drive it home.
I am referring to the rental as the White Whale, since it's a huge minivan. I am so not a minivan person; give me my truck any day. I'm not complaining, mind you, since at least I have wheels, and we were able to get our full array of suitcases, tubs o' fabric, four sewing machines, and a couple of (giant) boxes of tools home in one trip.
We made two stops on the trip homeward: one at the Apple Farm for afternoon "tea" and once at Buellton for a fill-up of fuel and of treats at Pea Soup Andersen's. Since we'd had lunch at Asilomar before leaving, we didn't need to stop for a meal, and traffic was quite light, so we made good time. The weather was glorious, spring has really "sprung" along Highway 101 with wildflowers blooming everywhere. The hills are golden with poppies and wild mustard and purple with lupine, and the grapevines in the many vineyards we passed have sprouted. Once we hit Ventura, the fog rolled in but it's all city driving after that, so it wasn't a problem.
There are pictures on my Flickr page of some of the other class projects--very inspiring! I can see myself making lots of quilts with the techniques we discussed in class, assuming of course that I will eventually have a place where I can sew!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Rainy Day

No pictures of the rain. Instead, here's what I spent the day working on.

Sitting by a pair of French doors, watching the deer try to stay dry and sewing away, is a good way to spend a day.

My strata is done! I'll be able to start cutting tomorrow.

The sad thing? Most of the people in the class were at this stage when they arrived, so I'm 3 days behind.

Oh well.

And the part for my truck is on its way from Salt Lake City, so there's still a chance that it will be ready for me to drive home on Friday. We'll see!

The knitters have been having as much fun knitting as quilting. Here's Lisa in her hat... the group had to trek into town today to buy more yarn.

There are m0re hat pics on my Flickr page. I have to get back to work now...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Asilomar, Dispatch #2

Finished the Taiyo scarf!

With just a wee bit of yarn left over--not enough for another row.

I will probably need to wear it this week, as there is a rainstorm moving in and we've been promised thunder, lightning, and storms. We'll just have to wait and see.

Sample of the work my fellow students are doing:

... and one of the teacher's quilts.

I love this one and I am thinking of using this one as an inspiration for mine.

Of course, that will mean that I have to sew a lot more strips together--right now, I have 10 pairs of strips sewn. Big whoop! I have over 110 strips cut--two of each--to sew before I can start cutting circles.

Hmmm, why am I over here posting instead of sewing??

Some of the quilting buddies here.
Lisa, Carol, and Sandy at lunch.

Didn't quite crack the camera lens.


Dropped the poor camera again, and it's now having even more trouble than the last time it got dropped. The good thing is that this time I didn't fall with it!
Asilomar eye candy--windswept trees and blue blue sky.

And quilty eye candy: my strips, which are calling to me.

More later!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Dispatch from Asilomar, #1

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day for the drive up north; cool but not cold, a bit windy, blue skies, wildflowers in bloom all along the way--and we got to our hotel in time for Happy Hour (popcorn and snacks, with complimentary drinks). We (quilter friend Sandy and I) met up with two more quilter friends, and we strolled across the parking lot for dinner--just a nice relaxing evening.
Sunday morning we were able to have a good hot breakfast (gotta love Embassy Suites!) then hit the quilt and yarn shops in Pacific Grove before checking in for the conference. I broke down and bought a couple of balls of lavender Calmer to make a Shedir for D2. It's cast on and the first row knit... pictures soon.

Couple of random photos, just because this place is so darn photogenic. Today the sky was as clear and as deep a blue as I've ever seen--so blue it almost looks phony.

The stairs are at Merrill Hall, the view of the trees is from the opposite direction--I just turned around and took another photo.

This is Merrill Hall. My class this year is meeting there--it's not my favorite classroom, I must admit, but it's been very convenient.

Here's a view of the top of my workspace as I get started cutting strips for my "strata." I haven't gotten very far in this picture... as of tonight, I've got 95 fabrics cut into strips, with another 16 left to go. Hopefully I'll be able to get out the ol' 1230 and start sewing in the morning.
The teacher for the class is Louisa Smith, who has energy to burn and who loves loves teaching in Merrill Hall!

This is one of my classmates showing off her completed strata. She has over 100 fabrics in this set.

Friend Sandy had already sewn her strata at home (can y ou say, eager?) so she was ready to start cutting and laying out her pieces.

Here's what it looks like so far.

Not to worry, this arrangement will probably be changed again and again before being sewn down.

Another view of my work space. I am not a tidy quilter, unfortunately, nor am I especially well organized. My excuse this year is that my whole life is rather unorganized, to put it mildly. When I was packing for this trip I realized that I had better pack clothing I like, since I may not be able to access anything else when I get back!

Yes, I left D4 to deal with the contractor and the painters and the rest of the project.

But Karma has reared her head and bitten me where I sit. Specifically, in the driver's seat--my truck is at the local Ford dealer's getting some major work done. Nothing like having vehicle trouble when you're 400 miles from home!

Okay, time for me to trek down the hill to bed. I've about exhausted my energies for tonight, and I'll need to recharge for tomorrow!