Friday, September 08, 2006

More Progress Reports

But first, a word from the Official Computer Cat: Highland, aka Hi-Hi, has been exceptionally needy lately. Fortunately, he has not shown a need to knead, but instead has been climbing onto my lap when I sit at the computer. He's too big for my lap, which means a lot of wiggling and repositioning, and since there's a lot of fur there, it's not always comfortable! After a few days of this, he moved to the keyboard, and today after clearing off all the books I'm supposed to be reviewing, he finally found himself a cozy spot. It's a good thing he's so cute!

The Before door shot: (that's reflections of the rosebushes in the window)

Gee, I dunno why I wanted to bother replacing it--surely it has many more years of service left!

Compare to the After door shot:

Still needs locksets, and painting and stuff, but won't it be nice?

Yes, there is knitting going on. Pea Pod now has two sleeves that are moving toward completion; the blue shawl (the "test pattern" which will eventually be done in Silk Rhapsody) is on its 4th ball of Wool-Ease, and I think it will be pretty when it's done. Tonight I'll be knitting again, at Starbucks' patio, and I might even take Birch along for an outing, if she promises to be good.

Knit photos as soon as there is something more to be seen!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Roses for Robert

Robert Keith Watterlond
March 1, 1938--September 7, 2005
"I know that this is not goodbye."

Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Different Kind of Fiber?

Just so there's a little knitting content, here's Simon and his little friend,
who wears a knitted sweater. This little cat looks a lot like Simon, which is why when I picked him up from a vendor's table (at a Barbie show/sale, of all places) I couldn't put him down. He came home as a surprise for Himself--stood him up on the nightstand while H was sleeping. Simon does like him, too!

Took an "early weekend" to head to San Diego for their annual Quilt Show. We stayed at a very nice Marriott--here's the view from our 19th floor room:

And some of the quilts we saw at the show. There were some truly spectacular ones, but I decided not to post ALL my pictures. The moose is for you-know who, and I hope he's enjoying a lot of moose-watching now!

Fuschias are one of my favorite flowers. I can't grow them here, too hot and dry. I might have to make some fabric ones myself--whaddya think??

Autumn leaves. My very favorite time of the year, at least it used to be. Maybe it will be again, who knows? I have some great fabrics to make an autumn-leaves quilt, and maybe that will be a good way to work out some of the feelings.

Of course, first I need to locate the sewing table and make it useful. That was one of my goals for this weekend. So far, though, I've not had the energy. Maybe tomorrow? After all, as Scarlett said, tomorrow is another day; I'll think about that tomorrow!
Happy Labor Day weekend to all!

Another Day, Even Less Knitting

Road Trip! Two of my favorite words... but not when this happens! Blowout on the 57/210 transition road! I think some of my yarn budget (snicker!) is going to be diverted to the New Tire Fund. Anyway, all's well--the spare was in good shape, and seems to be holding air just fine; the Metro Patrol was on the job, had the tire changed in no time. But gee, what a way to end a trip!
Pictures from the quilt show later...