Saturday, January 01, 2011

Looking through the window

Originally uploaded by marie watterlond my back door. There's the deck, and a glimpse of the camellia bush. It's been more or less happily living with a deck built around it for the last 27 years--and it still blooms.

There's a closeup of this flower on my Flickr page and on my picture blog. I was mentally composing a very thoughtful post about this tough little bush, and how I really need to learn from it. All that "bloom where you're planted" stuff--you know how it goes.

Then my internet went out, and now I've only got the "wild wifi" that the laptop can catch, at least until Tuesday when my phone company will supposedly be out to fix it. To which I will only say that spending 65 minutes on the phone either holding for tech support, or trying to talk to tech support, can sap the will to live of even the strongest of souls. And mine's already pretty beaten down.

But I'm resilient. It's a new year, and I'm getting this post in just before the end of the day, so hope springs eternal.

And my camellias are blooming, so there's that.