Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Now...it's really mine!

But, of course, today Firefox and Blogger are not playing nicely, so first you'll need to enjoy the glory of the crape myrtle tree!

It really is a lovely vivid color, glows in almost every kind of light. So naturally, when I try to take a picture, what you see is the haze in the air.

The thing about crape myrtles is that the little devils put out a nice very very ultra-fine mist. The particles are so small that you can't really see them with the naked eye, but the camera catches the refraction of the sunlight and makes the picture look hazy.

So, really, not bad photography, just very interesting.

Oh, this does show up on any car that is parked under the tree for any length of time. Yes, that means my new car too. Since the best place for me to park just happens to be directly under the tree, well, I guess Kiwi needs to take its chances.

Besides, a light dusting of pollen and hot pink blossoms looks really nice on a kiwi green car!

What I mean about it really being mine now is that my new Glornak sticker came today. That was the one thing that really made me sad about trading in the Purple People Mover--I couldn't get the sticker to come off.

Not to worry, the Sheldon Store had more. And they ship super fast, too.

After spending almost all day Friday, and most of t he weekend, hunting for the original pink slip (title) for the Ford, I gave up. Today I went to the Auto Club and ordered a duplicate. I also changed the insurance policy to reflect the new vehicle.

Cleaning out the files has been rather cathartic, and the shredder has been quite busy. I think there are at least 10 bags of shreddies going out on the curb tonight. Well, they're in trash cans, but they're going. I'm still frustrated that an important paper could get mislaid. I'm sure it will turn up. Eventually.

So that's been the story around here. Knitting and crocheting have taken a back seat to paperwork, and even now I'm blogging instead of doing what I really came onto the computer for today, which is checking on my bank account to see what I've paid and what I haven't. I'm really amazed that my credit score came back as good as it did, considering my rather haphazard approach to record-keeping and bill-paying lately. (It was good enough to get me 0% financing on the new Kiwi. That's pretty good!)

Hopefully I can get out of Paperwork Hell soon and return this blog to tales from the yarning and quilting side of life. I sure hope so!!