Tuesday, April 08, 2008

All Together Now, Awwww!

That's the reaction this little scene got last night.

My "Awwww!" was an "awww, how cute and adorable is my baby kitty?" D3's "Awwww!" was more along the lines of, "awww, now I have to wash that thing before I can put my baby back in it!"

Guess it's all in your perspective!

Simon has not quite restored his whiteness.
Guess ashes are semi-permanent coloring.

Who knew grey could be so cute?

Kitchen cabinets are going in.

This first picture is the corner where the stove will go. The corner cabinet will have a lazy susan so we can put pots and pans and things back there and still get them out when we need them.
I have a nice collection of stock pots and other semi-frequently-used items that ought to work nicely back there.

And yes, that one on the right will have slots to hold cookie sheets and cutting boards. Remember that I live with the Mad Baker!

Well, I will, once we get to move back in. We're still refugee'd to D3's and there is a distinct whiff of hotel or D5's guest room in the near future.

Not because D3 is ungracious; she is quite willing to put us up, but she had already promised the guest quarters for this weekend. Since it's to people we dearly love and are very eager to see (it's Family #1 from CT) we are quite happy to put the screws on Mr. Contractor to fix up enough of our house so that we can sleep there again!

Besides, it's a long way from either sister's house to D4's job.

More cabinetry.
The base cabinets for the butler's pantry, formerly the mud room.
Has a little more cachet, non? A little more je-ne-sais-quoi than "mud room."
See the pretty tile floor??
The door on the righ side goes to the back bathroom, which is being almost totally remodeled. We're reusing its sink and toilet and faucets and lights; otherwise, it's all new.
Including the window.
Pics on the Flickr page, if you care to see!

Lastly, one more "awwww!" please for Nate the Great! He is such a sweet baby and one of the great pleasures of staying at D3's.

I'm still trying to get The Blur, aka the Grandcarrot, to stand still long enough to get an updated photo. He and his Cousin Audrey, however, are rather elusive when Memere is behind the camera! (Do go over and catch her video of the Sweet Pea Jig!)

Truck update: It's still in Monterey. I have been told its parts have arrived and are being installed, so my next trip up there to retrieve it will probably happen soon.

But not till after Wednesday knitting. I have a serious dearth of Knit Pals time and I need to make up the deficit!!