Sunday, September 07, 2008

Bad Bad Blogmomma

Many apologies, poor old blog. I guess I just burned out a little on NaBloPoMo, or else I got really tired on my trip north. Whatever, I just haven't been up to posting!

Howev er, I do have some new stuff to show you! Look at my new bookshelves!
Yes, look closer.

Crocheted doilies! Printed on the bookcases! From Ikea, of all places. How cute are they?

Here they are in place on the wall.
Eventually, the green Hoosier will be filled with sewing supplies--I am thinking it might make a good cutting table, but I'll have to try it out.

Then of course there is a little work left to do before I'm ready to do that.

This is the view from the landing at the turn of the stairs. If you look really carefully, you can see the Hoosier and the corner of the bookcases over there... Those boxes are about 5 feet high. Yeah, there's a lot of work left to do here.

And more boxes outside, too.
Time to focus on something more interesting, no?

Something cuter.

Someone cuter!!

Gotta love those expressions little Nate comes up with!
He's done something really cute in the tooth department, but of course I couldnt' get a decent picture. He's now got two top teeth--but not the middle ones. No, the side ones came in first. So he has little baby vampire fangs!

Big brother and Cousin Audrey were sitting next to each other. They were remarkably well-behaved.
The occasion was a birthday dinner for their great-aunt, who's also a great aunt!


Leslie said...

What a great use for your hoosier. Are you filling the flour bin with lace weight and passing it through the sifter?

And the Idea lace doily bookcase? Neat! At first I thought you had some mighty 70's wallpaper :)

Teresa Gunderson said...

Oh, my, that look on Nate's face is priceless. I could spend hours kissing him, or tickling, or munching on baby toes... ;-) (this is Teresa from Plurk, btw)

Sheepish Annie said...

Those shelves are amazing! What a find! I wish we had an Ikea here. Can you believe that there are people who live without Ikea?

We are primitive up here...

Madge said...

Great themed bookshelves! Perfect for your craft books.

And, uh, what trip north?

Anonymous said...

I love those shelves & totally understand about the boxes. My dining room is *filled* with boxes from my move. :)