Monday, August 04, 2008

Hot Fur

Since it's been too warm and humid to do much of anything today, other than PT and a few hours of Missy A, I'm sharing some of the cuter cat photos I took recently.

First, Simon on the dresser. The mirror is reflecting some of the boxes in the closet (guest room, which is where I'm still sleeping) which are mostly Christmas decorations and framed artwork. We haven't put any of the art back on the walls yet--just enjoying the bare-bones look of plain walls, plain dark woodwork, bare windows. I think I've been reading too many of the Craftsman/A&C style magazines!

However, it is a very attractive look, and I'm finding that this house really does fit that era. Well, it should, since that's when it was built, duh, just call me Mrs. Obvious!

Anyway, the cats have been hanging out and trying to keep cool along with the humans.
Hi-Hi has found that the less energy you expend, the cooler and more comfortable you can stay.

After all, he has quite a job just carting around all that fur, not to mention keeping it well-groomed and in peak condition. He does do an admirable job!

So that's today's dispatch. Hot and humid, high allergy day, cute cat pics to distract from the lack of knitting (or other substantive) content. I did manage to get a couple of rows done on the Sweet Pea sweater, but it looks substantially the same as it did the last time. If I can manage a little mojo during Nashville Star tonight, I should be able to get the sleeves done and maybe even start sewing it up. It's going to be relatively quick to finish: pick up stitches around the front and the neck, knit 4 rows of yellow and 4 rows of pink, bind off.

At least that's the plan!


Knitting Linguist said...

It really has been hot and humid, hasn't it? Our cat's been hiding in dark, cool corners, and so have we!

Madge said...

Sending good finishing mojo your way. And scritches for the kitties. Also, cool thoughts. This weather is gross.

Sheepish Annie said...

I judge the heat and humidity situation by the length of the cats. If they are veeeeeery stretched out, then it is veeeeeery hot. I'm pretty scientific, you see...

Stay cool!