Thursday, November 08, 2007

Wanna See?

Couple of things I'm currently working on. First of all is the baby blankie for Sweet Pea, which will not be done by the time she arrives. However, it will be done some time before too long. (Said in a hopeful, optimistic tone of voice, with a bit of wistfulness there too.) The pattern is from the latest Knitty and the yarn is from Lotus Knits--it's called Lullabye, and while I know the song doesn't have anything to do with babies, the color will be perfect with Sweet Pea's nursery and I am enjoying the play on words.

Next up is Lady Eleanor III. I just love this pattern and this yarn--it's Rowan Tapestry in Rainbow. I'm working it on a pair of elderly, ie original, Balene needles and while the cable is rather stiff, the needles themselves are just perfect for this project. Slick but not too slick, nice points with just a bit of "scoop" and the white stands out against the colorful yarn.
I've gotten a lot of this done this week just hanging out at doctors' offices, in addition to OOPS-ing and Montrose Monday-ing. I'm going to be interested to see if that blue blob gets repeated anywhere else--I'm still not sure if it's bothering me or not, so it's staying. I mean, this stuff is murder to frog! A dream to spit-splice, though.

Paris scarf, still plugging away. It's now on some Suzanne's rosewood needles, which I think gives it that certain oooh-la-lah that it lacked when it was on a broken Bryspun or a French version of a Boye cheapie.
If you see any mistakes in this thing, please don't tell me! It will get a bath and a good blocking when it's done. Which, at the rate I'm going, will be some time in the next millenium.

Then there's my sorta-stalled second square. I'm doing the Enchanted Cottage block from the second Barbara Walker Treasury--there is more yarn on its way to me (I hope--no word yet from the seller, uh-oh!) so I'll be able to get this one done and mailed off too.

When I was looking for my Ab Fab yesterday, I ran across this bag. This is the Ab Fab That Isn't Started Yet.
The colorway is called Mushroom. If I can't find the pinky Sorbet one, I may go ahead and cast on for this one. Must have a nice warm project for these slightly-chilly late fall nights! I mean, it's already down to 60 degrees here and it's not even 6 pm yet. (The time notation is for Simon's benefit. He seems to think it's dinnertime and is doing his best to erase this post so I'll go feed him.)

In other catly news, Padua is doing fine. I was able to get his antibiotics in a liquid form, which he will take (as long as they're disguised in a splash of cat milk). I've got to take him back in for a checkup to see how his numbers look, but I've been preoccupied with workmen here and with getting myself into the various doctor offices. I do, however, now have clean teeth and a flu shot. The nurse who can't put a needle in my hand without crossing herself and saying a prayer or two managed to get enough blood out this morning to run a CBC on, so I'll find out in the next few days if my hemoglobin count has come up enough.

That's all the news that's fit to print for today. So far so good on NaBloPoMo! (Have you fallen asleep yet?)


DPUTiger said...

I hate having to give blood. Nobody can ever find a vein in my arm. This is also why I don't give blood.

LotusKnits said...

I hate giving blood or having it drawn too. I usually pass out.

The baby blanket is looking great! And I queued the Lady Eleanor too, now just need to find some Rowan Tapestry to make me happy! Do you like the Tapestry for the project?

Madge said...


I still have nothing in the clever comment department. *sigh* But where could your pink Ab Fab have gone to? It's not hanging out with that pink Divine, is it?!

*Scritches* to the furry ones.