Sunday, April 24, 2011

Back In Action...

...sort of! Yes, that's meant to be a pun: my back has been repaired and I've spent the last two weeks being very very good (or at least trying to) in order to give it time to heal. Today was Easter Sunday and only my second time out away from my comfy chair. The back did beautifully. The knee, however, did not.

I think the warranty on my "parts" has expired.

The knee is an ongoing issue and its pain level is exacerbated by my having to be off ibuprofen for an extended period of time. That's because it supposedly interferes with the healing of the bone grafts in my spine, and of course we want those to take. I did spend a lot more time standing around today than I normally do, so this is to be expected.

It was, however, quite worth it. D4 and E picked me up and we trekked out to D3's where we were greeted by a pair of adorable boys. N8 is really into trains, and there were a couple of new ones in his basket this morning. The bunny also left a coloring book and "magic" pens for G, who can sit and color for an hour or two in total concentration. We had a lovely dinner of baked ham, potato salad (D4 has picked up the potato-salad torch and is carrying it extremely well), deviled eggs and roasted asparagus. D3 had made macaroons, and D4 made adorable cupcakes. I'll try to gank photos to post here--I didn't bring my camera with me, sadly.

So, this is me, once again here, and I'll be trying to post more often. Right now I'm trying to get the knee to stop cursing at me (wouldn't you think being wrapped in a nice warm heating pad would soothe it? Yeah, not so much.) and settle in.