Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Boy Who Came to Knitting

We had a visitor today--meet Wyatt!
He's such a sweetie--6 weeks old. Mom is thoroughly delighted with him, and he was really good--slept most of the time.
Of course, Mom didn't get much knitting done...

I did get some knitting done, as did most of the rest of us. I hope that Fresh Noodle Beth takes pictures of her creation and posts them--she's doing something really amazing with free-floating cables. You have to see it to believe it.

Okay, here are the pictures from yesterday's post:
Sky shots--sorry about the traffic lights, but that's what happens when you are taking pictures through an open car window while stopped at a traffic light.
At the top of a hill.

On a state highway! I tried to get some more shots, but they didn't come out this well. Once I got to my destination, the buildings hid the sky.
So much for civilization! I did think it was a spectacular sunset--even though the colors look more like dawn to me.
Photos from class--it was a busy session and there was a lot of activity going on, so I didn't get too many chances to haul out the camera and snap away.

These two pieces didn't move as fast as the rest!

Judy is hand-quilting a Flower Garden quilt. She started several years ago to finish some quilts that her grandmother and great-aunt had made but not completed. It's involved some piecing and a whole lot of quilting. Luckily, there are some wonderful 30's repro fabrics available, so she's been able to match the look of the older blocks. For instance, in this square, the purple is old fabric and the greens are new. The red checks are originals. I love that she's working away at this and preserving her heirlooms for the next generation! (She has a son and a daughter. I don't think her cat, Cleo, is too interested in anything but the nap possibilities!)

This is Charlotte's project. She did the embroidery herself, and is finishing the square as a pillow for a wedding gift to a young friend of hers. She used a "vintage" fabric to put a border on the square, and it will be backed with a black print. I think the recipient will be quite charmed!

Okay, here's a frustrating experience that you may, or if you're better organized than I am may not, relate to. I wanted to work on a particular UFO today and went to grab it. Hah! The bag I thought it lived in? Had a similar, but very different, project in it! The original project? Nowhere to be found! I've looked again after I came home from knitting today, and I think it's vanished. I do know that it didn't go into the sale--it's a Colinette Ab Fab in the Sorbet colorway--but it's not in any of the "usual" haunts. I know it was nearly completed, too, just had been put away since I can't bear to knit on 10 pounds of wool and mohair when it's hot out.

So that's one of tomorrow's projects, finding the Ab Fab. I also have some medical unpleasantries (blood draw, teeth cleaning, chatting w/ the dentist) to face, so I hope I can at least locate the missing UFO to salvage the day!


mary said...

Gorgeous pics all around: baby, sky, quilts! Doesn't get much better than a perfect, beautiful baby.

DPUTiger said...

Oy vey! (re: missing UFO) That is TOTALLY something that happens to me ... more regularly than I'd like to admit! :)

Madge said...

Hope you find your Ab Fab. And good luck at the dentist. Hey, at least you'll get some knitting in while you wait for your appointment.

Wyatt's adorable in his calaveros bib.