Saturday, November 10, 2007


The shredder has been going quite a bit this weekend. Part of my cleanout includes going through old files and shredding whatever needs it. This includes old medical bills and EOBs--some from the 80's!--because they used to use Social Security numbers as ID numbers.
Not gonna do that any more, and not going to put that info in the trash can, either, at least not till it's all shredded into bits.
The Simon-cat loves the shredder, partly because it lets him sit next to me when I'm on the computer and thus he's handy for head-skritches. But on these chilly days, he really likes it because it gets warm and he can bake his tummy on it. I keep worrying that he'll get some of that long hair caught in the blades, but so far so good.

In case you've wondered how Padua is doing, here's a shot of him looking rather annoyed that I'm taking his picture. Again. He's doing quite well, eats up a storm, is very active, and I will probably take him back to the vet early next week for a checkup. He's not pudgy yet, but he is definitely putting on weight, and his fur is nice and glossy. He's very good about eating his K/D (kidney diet) food, but he also scarfs down anything else that's available. He likes kibble, pushes Simon away from his food bowl, and begs for kitty milk as well. (I sneak the antibiotic drops into the catmilk, which hasn't put him off at all and at least makes sure they get inside him.)
Just so his feelings don't get hurt, here's a recent shot of Highland. He's just fine, and very diligent in his duty of keeping me warm at night. I just love his little face and those pretty white paws!

Sweet Pea is still nestled in her pod. I did a few more rows on her blanket last night--I do hope she's not planning to wait till it's done before she makes her appearance, though!


Madge said...

*Scritches* for the furry felines. Glad to hear Padge is doing so well.

Fingers crossed Sweet Pea makes her entrance soon!

Sheepish Annie said...

Love those kitties!!! (and still thinking Peapod Appearance Thoughts)