Thursday, October 05, 2006

Some Serious Eye Candy

...since we are being good and avoiding the other kind--family weight loss challenge, you know! First, here's Marie's Celtic Knot. (She doesn't take pictures of her WIPs, but she lets me.) The yarn is Lamb's Pride in a wonderful grassy green, the pattern is from Knitter's Arans & Celtics book. Isn't it pretty? Next up, a sky shot. This was the scene outside of work the other day.
Next we have a couple of shots of my Lady Eleanor, in progress. The yarn is Rowan Tapestry in Rustic.
The color is super deep and saturated and this yarn is soooo soft and warm to work with. I've been mastering the art of knitting back backwards and it's going really well. Truly addictive!
That's it for today! I know, I promised a WIP roll call, but right now I am just loving this one so much, I've abandoned the others for a bit.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Friends Ask Friends for Help...

...for a good cause! This Sunday, October 8, is the City of Hope Walk for Hope. I'll be walking, along with a couple of daughters and some knitter friends (Hi, Melise! Hi, Gail and Rebecca!) and, if you are so minded, I could use a little help in reaching my fund-raising goal. My page is at . If you'd prefer to send me some moral support, a comment to that effect will be very welcome!
Cancer research is a cause that is very close to me, and I will be walking in honor of my many friends who have had this disease. Some are still with us, thanks to the ongoing research; others, like my "first best friend" Teddy, aren't. I'll be walking with my knitting--a pink scarf or two, depending on how fast I can walk and knit!--and thinking of them.

Knitting content later--can I really get in three posts in one day? One of my friends has suggested a WIP roll call, so I think it's time to round 'em up and take their pictures! (Maybe that will push me into finally blocking and finishing that MOTW, notoriously elderly UFO!)

In Memory...

Andrew Robert Watterlond
October 9, 1963--October 2, 2004
We know that this is not goodbye.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Shower of Good Wishes

Yes, today was the day--Beth's baby shower! It was held at Unraveled, one of our very very favorite yarn porn purveyors--oops, I mean, LYS! Here we mostly all are--the sign Beth is holding says "closed, private party"--there's Jan, and me, and Joan, and Beth, Fay Lynn, Annette, Mary and Jillian . Missing are Madge, Melise, Marie E., and Patty. Jan was wearing her fancy jeans with the gold dust all over them, and sparkly gold shoes.
Beth was really surprised that the basket of goodies was for her. She thought it was just a shop decoration, cause it was so full of knitted goodness. Hats, and sweaters, a Knitted Babe with baby sweater to match, two wonderful big teddy bears, socks--well, I think it's too bad Beth doesn't have a blog to post all the pictures on, but it seems to me that many of the bloggers posted their pictures. Anyway, it was fun, and hopefully Baby Cormac will "feel the love" when he arrives!

I realized that I have posted pictures of three of my cats, but the fourth one is a bit elusive. She's not fond of having her picture taken, but I caught her napping in the sun. This is GiGi, who is 19 years old.

She's also known as Giggles, among other things. She has the prettiest little cat face, and I'll try to capture it for you.

Yes, I know that floor is not the prettiest in the world. It was darn stylin' in 1983 when we put it in, though!