Saturday, September 29, 2007

All Over...

Blue skies with a little cloud activity going on... cool, clear, crisp day.


Change? Signs? Ads?



Oh, yeah, check!

Supervisor on duty?


Deryk did not spend all day in Baby Jail. He did, however, find the deck to be a great place for an afternoon nap.

Dillon agrees.
Merchandise displayed to advantage.


We tried to get everything at a pretty good height for browsing, since after all straining your back to bend over is not conducive to a good shopping experience.
There's a reason they put the high-priced impulse items at arm's reach in the supermarket, and make you bend for the store brands and the staples!
Wool-Ease is easy to display on the floor, however, since it's one of those yarns everyone knows! (Yeah, I think I had cornered the market. But most of it has gone to a new home or two or seven, so it's ok.)

The crew assembles for coffee and waiting for the first customers of the day.
The fence makes a great place to display quilts for sale. I might need to remember that!
No, they are not quilts I made; they are all commercial quilts. Nice ones.
But now that I no longer have 8 beds to cover, there really is no need to have a couple of dozen quilts. One dozen or so is sufficient!
This was before the knitting began. Of course, by that time, I had been relieved of the camera. If you want to see some more great pictures of the knitting bee, visit Ellen's blog. I'm not sure that a yard sale is supposed to generate quite so much laughter, but it was certainly a lot of fun!

Balls of yarn bigger than your head.

Who knew there was this much yarn lurking in our stashes?? No no, it's not all mine, not at all. It's come from lots of homes. Honest!
Mary is not tempted by that Koigu/Charlotte's Web Shawl kit.
Nope. Not at all!

End of the day, what's left over?

Well, there are a few boxes of yarn going to Stitches from the Heart.
Some books and fabric will go on to the next sale, at blogless Gwen's.

The needlepoint and cross-stitch supplies will head for A Stitch in Time, which will be having a special sale of UFOs to benefit a local charity.

Time to put our feet up and relax, with a little more breathing room in the house for the remaining yarn!

Many many thanks to everyone who helped out: Mary, Madge, Barbara, Mary U, Leigh and her boys, Anne, Sandy, Meighan and Courtney; Melise and her boys, and Ellen and the very supportive WeHo group, too!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Preview time!

Well, for starters, there are two BIG bags of crochet thread from Madgik. Also in sight, some needlepoint goodies from CatBookMom, as in, can you say Ehrman? Or hand-painted?

A view of the Book Dept. Yes, those are quilt books, and cross-stitch treasuries, and a lovely book on stenciling, and... well, you get the idea!
Tubs and tubs o' yarn. Oh yeah. I have lots and lots of Cherry Tree Hill, Wool-Ease, some mohairs, some vintage Sears Fisherman yarn--well aged!--lots of stuff. That's CBM checking out the tubs.

More stuff. There are some rubber stamps in there, and lots of albums.

Now, bear in mind, this is before we had everything out. There will be more coming in the next day or so.

I'm expecting baskets, and there will be quilts for sale, too. Finished quilts. Lots of fabric is supposed to be on its way, too.

Tempted yet? Check here for more info!

The weather is supposed to be cooperative in the next couple of days, with mid-70's temps and no rain in the forecast. Today was hot hot hot, too hot to be doing all this schlepping. Did it anyway. Many many thanks to CBM, Madgik, Mary, blogless Mary U, D5, D3, and Leigh.

Boo Hiss

I have some charming photos of stuff for the yard sale. Blogger pretended to upload them, but they have now vanished into the ether.

So I'll try again later! Meantime, there is sale info here:

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Saturday Sky, and...

Last night, after a looooong day of getting ready for the Sale we went to dinner. This is the sky as we were going into the restaurant.

Ah, yes, we had a lovely stormy day with rain and everything. I loved it!

We'd spent the day going through tubs and boxes of yarn and fabric and... to get ready for next Saturday's Big Huge Crafters' Yard Sale. "We" in this case includes yours truly, plus D4 and D5 and Madgik too, with a little cheerleading from D3. (She'd been at work all day, starting at 3:30 am, so she wasn't up to much except egging us on and going to dinner with us.)
For your temptation: some boxes of goodies for the sale. Yes, that's a big ol' box of needles, many in grand living color. If you look hard you can see the sweater machine, too.

Just look at all those goodies: there is some Noro in there, and some Cherry Tree Hill, and lots of Wool-Ease. The hot pink Sayelle is already spoken for, though, as I promised it to a special Collector. Fear not, there is acrylic and fuzzy stuff too, along with the silver chenille and the lovely soft green cotton chenille.
Love them all, but the time has come to thin the stash. Culling is always painful but I'm hoping to see my treasures go to nice new loving homes.
Oh, there's a whole tub of cross-stitch fabrics, too. Tempted yet? And my buds haven't even started bringing over their additions!

On another note, I had a pleasant surprise this morning: I won! Dave Daniels of Cabin Cove had a contest, and I won! Dave makes such gorgeous yarns and takes beautiful pictures of his yarn and his lovely Miss Lulu Kitty (my furboys have a crush on her) and reading his blog is a delight. So thanks, Dave! (And thanks to Larry for alerting me, even before the coffee was done brewing!)
Now, having used up the rest of the month's allotment of exclamation points (!!) I need to go keep hunting for more goodies to put out for sale. Hey, one woman's surplus is someone else's treasure, right? (I have some philosophical musings about the cause of all this surplusage, but I will save it for another day. Suffice to say for now that I am quite at peace with saying bye-bye to this portion of the collection.)