Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Eye Candy

Posting from "the road" again so thought I would share a little of the floral offerings spotted. This arrangement was in the Apple Farm's dining room. I didn't get any of the gorgeous parrot tulips with their faces up, unfortunately, but at least you can see the colors.

A door bouquet. Is this a good idea or what?

Mystery flowers. Anyone know what these are? Blossoms are very tiny, maybe 1/4" or so across.
Remember back in Feb. when I posted a picture of a bed of purple kale? Well, this is what it looks like now--the heads have bolted, and there are big sprays of yellow flowers! And yes, I do know that the pink and blue things are not "real" flowers!

Knitting etc. content will resume upon my return. Breath holding is not necessary, as this is a one-day-turnaround trip! (Might be otter pictures tomorrow...if the little rascals cooperate!)


pacalaga said...

They look like snapdragon blossoms to me.

Sheepish Annie said...

Flowers...I remember those. They are the things that come up after the April snow melts. *If* the April snow melts. Just in case it takes a while, I bought myself some cut tulips yesterday. But they pale in comparison to those arrangements! How lovely!!!

Elisa said...

I second the snapdragon guess. They're pretty, whatever they are!

We planted kale for the first time this year (hubby thought the purple leaves were nice; he had no idea what it was). We were really surprised by all the yellow flowers too - I really like the plants.

Ariana said...

If they droop down and have a center long stamen, they're probably aquilegia. Check any seed catalog.

Madge said...

Spring is springing! Flowers, flowers everywhere! So happy making, seeing all the lovely blooms!

How was your trip? Did you see the baby otters?!

mary said...

Thanks for the gorgeous spring flower pics.