Monday, April 02, 2007

Some Comes In, Some Goes Out...

For instance--you've recently seen what the new acquisitions have been.

Well, meet the outgoing stuff. Sorta the de-acquisitioned stuff, as it were.
And it were gone. Here's the empty tubs to prove it. And look at how empty the shelves are getting!
Well, okay, not totally empty, but there is still a lot more space than there was.
Yeah, my garage is pretty dusty. It needs a door. One that will actually close and open--this one can't be closed or we'll never get it opened. Never Ever Ever! The blue basket is just laundry--chocolate-colored, and covered, sheets. Memo: if you are going to eat chocolate-covered honeycomb, keep track of the pieces. Sitting on them leads to disaster, or at least changing the sheets!
Oh, look! Wonder what this new toy is on the floor? Did Mom put it here for us??
Step away from the CPH, boys.
Look! A back, part of two fronts, and the first inch of two sleeves! Progress!!
Mom, I'm cuter than this guy, why do you take HIM everywhere and leave ME at home??
Here's to a good day out of knitting, de-stashing, and good talk with good knitters! KD and Cat Book Mom (who's got her blog back!) and I met for some of all of the above today. CBM has a group of knitters who make lots of things for charity, so the three bags full plus the progress-to-date on the Trellis baby cardi went to her. Trellis? Great pattern, very cute. I didn't knit fast enough. Baby grew. Life is short, move the pieces on and move on! Sent them out into the world, hopefully to find some good karma and someone who will love to finish it for a baby who will get lots of wear out of it. Yes, I sent the pattern along. I will probably print a new copy and start it over again, in a larger size, for the grandcarrot.
I probably should have kept track of what I sent off, so I would know how even the exchange was--how much went out vs how much came in. You know what?
I don't care.
So... what?


Faith! said...

Sometimes I wish I had pets so there would be someone else to get excited about my yarn. I love your stash shots! They look so neat and organized, I get a little inspired.

Annette said...

You are getting organized! I'm on the cusp of having to buy another bin. I'm resisting. I don't know if I'll have room when my second Knit Happens order comes in. Oh, I might not have mentioned I went back for a second go round. It turned out bigger than the first. Oops! Good job de-stashing! Now you for sure have space for your new pretties. :)

Madge said...

Look at those empty shelves! Woo hoo!

Your progress on your CPH is inspiring, so, after I worked a little bit on socklet #2 last night, I chugged away on mine. (It's good we're making these together, otherwise I might, ahem, get distracted by some of the new yarn goodies.) Hopefully be done by the end of this Project Spectrum round....

Yesterday was super fun!

catsmum said...

Mehitabel my sweet
I need that gorgeous bag - where on earth did you get it?
Sophie and Oakley send purrs

mary said...

Righteous destashing. So very proud of you! And I'm not even tempted to ask to peek inside. Not. even. a. little. bit. (okay, I lied. What's in it?) No! Don't tell me.