Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Full Pink Moon

...which is resisting having its picture taken! And no, I did not make that name up just for Project Spectrum.
You can check it out here.

Every time I try to take a picture, it comes out blurry or distorted. So this is the best of a bad bunch. We've been having haze and high humidity, which I think explains it.
Or of course a crappy photographer!
This morning's excitement? At 4:30 am, this happened. Just a little reminder that this is, after all, earthquake country. It was a small one, and I was able to stop hyperventilating after an hour or so. But forget about falling asleep!

So when you look at my springy pictures, remember this is the flip side of the coin. Well, that and the drought, and the heat, and t he fires...
To change the subject, here's a new topic. Quilter Gail (sadly blogless) completed this in class last night. It's a Pythagorean spiral done in paper piecing--well, foundation piecing. I freely admit that this is not my forte--I have trouble with the upside-down-and-backward aspect of it. I could learn to do it well if I put my mind to it, and I have a New York Beauty pattern which has been calling to me, so maybe once I get my "studio" set up this will become a priority.
Do you hear the flapping of porcine wings??

My order from Little Knits came: two hanks of Sea Silk, in the Wildflower colorway--perfect for this round of PS.
Well, except for that blue and orange in there. But it is soft and yummy and the colors glow from within, so it's all good.

Gotta love Sea Silk! This will be a shawl of some sort--I have several patterns that I'm mulling over. News at 11. Or something.

Dutch iris are so pretty and they keep coming back, no matter how abused they may be.
Just a little touch of color in the weed patch that used to be my front flower bed.

And more bearded iris. This is the same one that was photographed last week--you can see the old blooms still on the plant, as I am rather a lazy photographer and gardener both. I love the way the orange glows in this flower, though, really striking.
That's a gardenia behind it. It's a happy gardenia. Wish I could say the same for its sibling, planted two feet away, which is leggy and demoralized. Time to give it some TLC in the form of scratching at the dirt and an application of fertilizer.

In knitting news, I managed to get up to and past the armpit decreases on both fronts of the CPH. However, it looks very little different than it did the last time I took its picture, so we'll just wait till I get a little further.
That's all for today, folks! I am being paged by the laundry--the warning signs were evident this morning: last clean pair of jeans, and we're down to the less desirable underwear. (Hmm, maybe I need to take a lesson from The Sheep... )


Sheepish Annie said...

The Sheep hasn't been in an earthquake in a while. But I do believe that I would be glad for the extra underpants if I were.

Just another reason to stay well-stocked!

Ariana said...

Next time you see Gail, could you get some details on the pattern for that amazing quilt? Did she design it herself, using (ick) math, or find a picture or pattern somewhere? I JFGI'd but couldn't find anything.

Debbi said...

My daughter, a photographer, gave me some good tips for shooting the moon (as it were). Meter off the sky – whatever that means. Not metering off the sky is why the moon gets blasted out and the sky is so inky. And use a tripod. Actually she said, "Always, always, always and did I mention always? use your tripod." I think she means it. Heh. Most of the moon pictures I took the other night looked like eggs.

Anonymous said...

Did my mommy just reference her panties on her blog! Oh I am mortified...

CatBookMom said...

The yarn is lovely but your irises are even more so, if more fleeting. I am SO tempted to order some Sea Silk, but it's not like I don't have some Fleece Artist marinating in the stash. Hmmm, maybe you and Madge can help me decide what to do with 3 skeins I have.

The quilter has done an awesome job with that top. Oh, my!

And sorry, I slept through the earthquake. Maybe it wasn't as noticeable on this side of the Verdugo hills.

junieann said...

Great pictures Marie. You do have many talents. The moon is beautiful and the Sea Silk is spectacular. They compliment each other. What lace are you doing with the Sea Silk Yum.

We don't have a single flower this year. No birds no honey bees. The weather is sunny today. That was a plus.

JollyEwe said...

Love the sea silk. I am waiting for some in a darker green/blue from little knits as we speak.....Now I am loving your colorway too!! Perhaps I need to make another order. Can't wait to see what project you pick

Madge said...

I love those wacky moon names...and a pink one? Too perfect for PS!

That Sea Silk is also too too. It'll make one heck of a gorgeous shawl.

Less desirable underwear? *giggle*

mary said...

You mean I missed an earthquake? Hurray! I still have that one skein of sea silk to knit into a shawl. If you have good ideas, I'd love to hear from you, my shawl knitting muse.