Sunday, April 01, 2007

A New Month, New Colors

Yup. April Fool's Day, and I have yet to prank anyone. Oh my, don't tell KD, she'll revoke my Tarnished Badge of Evil!
And yes, I know you've seen this yarn before...but the colors are just perfect for the green-and-yellow part of this month's new Project Spectrum colors!
As is the pink rose... backed by some truly spectacular greenery, wouldn't you say?

Or the camellia that grows out of my new deck. The one that isn't content to have beautiful pink-and-white flowers, but also needs to produce a few sprays of red ones, too.
D4's photo of the Hollywood Hills fire, taken from her job's parking lot. Quite a bit of pink and yellow in that smoke... am I stretching yet?
And the last little bit, pink and green marshmallows, home-made by D4. Both of these batches happen to be peppermint-flavored, but I think the green should be spearming. Or the pink should be wintergreen. She says, when I make them myself, I can pick the colors and flavors to match!

I'll look for more things in the new colors. And maybe I'll go look for someone to spoof. Can't lose my badge, now can I?


Madge said...

Wonderful photos! I heart the homemade marshmallows.

Looking forward to this round of Project Spectrum with you.

Hey, did you pick your villian name yet?

mary said...

Lovely pinks, yellows and greens. Those are the best Koigu easter eggs I've ever seen. Simply the best colors together. Have you thought of a project for them? They'd look great together in a ripple or feather and fan kind of scarf. The marshmallows look yummy. Will she make some yellow ones next?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing that wonderful koigu again!!! You picked some greatly appealing colors. Homemade marshmallow.....yummo!!

Sheepish Annie said...

I haven't had homemade marshmallows in I-don't-know-how-long. Even if the colors and flavors don't match...enjoy!