Monday, April 09, 2007

More Project Spectrum, Plus...

What is more "yellow" than California poppies?
Not much! These are growing in Pacific Grove, in a bed outside the Historical Society.
They have a whole garden of native plants. I wish the little strawberries had shown up better--but I wanted to get the iris and the poppies in too.
The Carrot was very obliging about wearing his Pea Pod sweater. After all, it's green, so appropriate for PS, right?

Unfortunately, holding still for the camera was not part of the deal. He's 10 months old now and this is what he mostly looks like--a little blur of motion!
Well, his daddy can corral him for a few minutes. He's still got a size advantage. Aren't they adorable?
This is a view from the walkway of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, looking out into the Bay.
Followed by another view, from a slightly different angle.
Then you turn your head and you're face to face with a happy grinning face. I think she's grinning cause she's just spotted lunch, on the hoof!

Have I mentioned lately that I love this aquarium? We had a great time visiting. I was in Monterey/Pacific Grove for a very quick trip--up on Friday, home on Saturday--for an important meeting. My sister-in-law was my traveling companion--I think we're going to be very compatible fellow-tourists (or should I say, touristes?) on our trip next month.
There was some knitting involved, and a quick trip into Back Porch Fabrics, but there wasn't time to hit the yarn shop on this trip.
I'm sure I'll be getting back up that way, though, because I really have fallen in love with the town and the whole ambience up there. Yes, we did cruise through Asilomar, just so she could see it. (Both of our husbands did a good part of their Army training and service at Fort Ord, which gave them a different perspective on the area!)


Madge said...

Thanks for sharing your Monterey photos. The aquarium there is super cool. And more pretty flowers. I'm digging all your spring blossoms photos!

Wow, all of the sudden the Carrot has become a dynamo! Father and son are so cute. And the Pea Pod is most definitely PS appropriate.

La said...

I LOVE that aquarium. Funny how you and I visited 2 different aquariums in the same week and posted about it.

I found some more fabrics for you, so I'm thinking that Madge's idea for a park or coffee shop ASK gathering some time in May is an EXCELLENT idea. Just not Mother's day...or the 20th.

Sheepish Annie said...

Great Pix, as always! I do love the Carrot updates. He is getting so big!

The flowers were also much appreciated. (again) There is another snow event approaching Maine. Aarrgghh!

jayne said...

What a beautiful view!

That little boy looks grown up for ten months, especially in the cuddle shot.

Annette said...

I love the Monterey/Carmel area too. Carmel has a tomato festival in September every year. I'm hoping to make it someday. The carrot is adorable in his pea pod!

Anonymous said...

Hi from your knitterly letter swap pal!
Just writing to let you know that your letter is on it's way, but it might take a while (it's coming from Australia!).

junieann said...

Ah, Carrot in the PeaPod sweater. How cute is that? Hey, Garrett is getting so big. My goodness. He is a big guy.

I lived in Pacific Grove for a short time when I was a kid. Right off Cannery Row. I would love to visit Montery again.

Your spring blossoms are lovely. I wish that some flowers with spring up on my patch of earth. Everything is late. Not much going on here yet! All the weird weather this year.