Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hot Sunset

When there are storms hovering around, we tend to get rather spectacular sunsets. Yesterday, we didn't really have much chance at actual rain, just the heavy, oppressive feeling. And, of course, hotter than ever!

Having grown up in New England, I know from the heat/humidity combo which is now called the "Discomfort Index." In fact, as I'm typing this tonight, the temperature is 73 degrees and the humidity is 71%. That's Eastern weather, folks, and we are in the desert out here in the middle of a drought!

Of course I'm going to compound matters by heading a little east tomorrow--only as far as Goodyear, Arizona, though.

What's there, you may ask. Well, even though neither Google Maps nor Yahoo Maps can find it, Bearly Stitchin' is there. Since their move from Pasadena last year, the owners have gotten their shop up and running, and they're sponsoring another of their Mystery Quilt Weekends, this one geared to the California contingent. Chartered bus and hotel have been arranged, and we'll sew at the shop. We've been promised a/c in all the places, so I'm hopeful that I'll survive.

At least, I'm sure I'll have some good "hot" titles for the next few blog posts. Of course, I have no guarantee of internet access, although I am taking the laptop with me. I suppose I can always write the posts, then publish them when I return.

Can you tell I may have a stowaway? Hi-Hi seems to think that, if he fits in the suitcase, he can come.
Surprise! No kitties allowed. Chris and Jack have two dogs who usually have the run of the store, so that wouldn't make for a warm welcome for a furboy. Sorry, fella, but it's only for two nights, so try to be a big boy, okay??

One last cutie-pic. Little Miss has learned to pick up and eat Cheerios all by herself. I'd say she looks pretty happy about her new skill!

Goodnight for now. Hopefully, I will be able to post tomorrow, but if I don't you'll at least know where I am.

Send camels.


Sheepish Annie said...

Hee-hee! It looks like Little Miss is giving you the thumbs up! And she certainly does look pretty pleased with herself, too. Makes me want some cheerios...

Ellen Bloom said...

Have a great time, Marie! Can't wait to see the colorful pix of the new shop.

mary said...

I'm sending lots of good wishes your way for a bingo-less bus! Have a great fiber time. One of my favorite pictures of Sweetie Girl is like MIss A's... sittin' in the high chair and so proud that she was able to pick up a cheerio. It's the small things in life, isn't it? Stay cool baybee.

Madge said...

Happy travels!

And a belated happy birthday to your Dad, too!

LINDA said...

I could not believe I was reading you were going to hot Arizona this time of year. Knowing how you detest heat! And then the mention of quilting entered the picture and all made sense. Stay cool and have a great time with your fiber friends!