Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hot Chat

Time for a few more views of some interesting fabrics, don't you think?

These are some of the Halloween/Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos prints that have taken my fancy.

Here in SoCal, Halloween is practically a national holiday--I swear, the stores will begin decorating for it soon. Quilt shops, because of the longish lead time that it takes to make a complicated project, are exempt from my usual distaste for the commercial and retail rushing of the season. I mean, come on, who really needs to be thinking of Halloween in July (or August, for that matter) unless they are going to be spending hours cutting, sewing, cutting, sewing, quilting, etc??

Okay, okay, off the soapbox.

Anyway, I thought these were awfully cute. Not quite sure what they're destined for yet, though. Could be cute wall hangings/table toppers , or could make great bags.

I mean, come on, rock n' rolling skellies??

Or are they mariachi skellies? I can't tell exactly, since the sound track isn't coming through!

Yes, it is late.

Yes, I am tired.

Yes, I'm even a little punchy.

How could you tell?

Tonight's quilt class was a lot of fun.

We had several new projects in the works, but apparently my camera has eaten the photos I took of the fabrics!

So at least, here's Anne's work-in-progress, a Shoji quilt.
She's making a pair of quilts for a couple at her community, who have a strong feeling for Japan. This is not only a Japanese-themed design, she's used some lovely Japanese fabrics too.
Border and quilting yet to come. Hopefully, there will be an FO pic before too much longer!

And, finally, I'll share my new book with you. Indigo Knits, by Jane Gottlieb. Designs from the coast of Cornwall.
I actually spent most of a week in Cornwall, and I loved it. I'd go back in a heartbeat. (Well, let's face it, I'd go back to England and France at the drop of a hint! Oh, and the drop of a few dollars, too, but what's a few shekels among friends?)
Anyway, the designs are mostly quite nice, very tempting to knit, and done in "real denim" yarns. One of the things I love about this book is that they use not only the Rowan denim, but also elann's. Since I have a bucketload of elann's denim, in two or three colors (white and at least one of the blues), and it cost a lot less than Rowan's, I am set to make up the designs I like the best!
Of course, knitting with denim yarn is exactly like knitting with string, especially the cream-colored version. I mean, definitely package string. I had crocheted up some pillow tops for my mother-in-law once, granny squares out of ordinary string. She'd seen them in a magazine and loved them, so of course I made them for her! Even made the pillows to stitch them to--one red, one green.
Off to see how Michael Phelps is doing. Go Michael!!


Madge said...

More skellies. Or, should I say, calaveras? Awesome Halloween fabric collection you have there, missy. And I'm glad Tues. nights are once again fun!

mary said...

I how I love those skellies but they are too perfect for our non-pastel friend, aren't they? Are you going to start churning out project box bags like Patty? If so, I'd like to put in my order for 10 of them now. ;)

Ellen Bloom said...

We want a couch and side chairs upholstered in Dia de Los Muertos fabric #1, please.

amysue said...

Love those fabrics!! I love Day of the Dead.

I also love Michael Phelps swimsuits--he should pull them a little lower -smile