Monday, August 18, 2008

Hot Summer Night

If you are a large fur-bearing creature, and it's very hot and humid, it behooves you to find a spot that's going to be cool and comfy.

Hi-Hi has found such a spot. Here he's reclining in the doorway just outside my guest-room-to-be and current bedroom (the one I don't have to climb stairs with a broken ankle to get to!). You can also see on this just what a great paint job we have on the trim, can't you?

Oh well. At least it's got fresh paint. And considering the age of the house, and the number of coats of paint on it, I guess it's not too bad.

Anyway, you can see that he's got his little clown-bear with him. I just think it's very very cute that he has his toy--never had a cat that was so attached to a toy before! I must admit that it was much funnier when the bear was bigger than he was, and he'd haul it around in his little jaws. Now he has BIG jaws!

Hot summer nights are perfect for eating out-of-doors, and one of our favorite places is Islands in West Covina. It's shady and relatively cool, the kids can move around freely and there's plenty of room for the stroller if one of the babies is sleepy.

They're really growing fast. Here's Nate showing off his two teeth. He was having a good time sitting on the table watching the people go by.

He's been growing into those big brown eyes of his. He's got the deepest dimples, but as soon as he sees the camera, he stops laughing.

Check out those chubby little legs!
Little Miss A was a little dubious about the camera, too. We were trying to coax her to show off her tooth, but no luck.
However, there are some cute pictures of it on her blog.
When it's getting late, you can always kick back with your bottle. This is the new trick: holding it herself.

This was the perfect way to unwind after a busy weekend. Memere got lots of cuddles from the boys and even though I didn't get my hands on Little Missy, I made up for it today. We had a fun time--she is crawling really well and is very curious about everything. Today she managed to explore several rooms of the house. Poor Mamma! Now she has to keep the floors swept clean and the rug vacuumed, because this person can spot a furball from across the room and make a beeline for it.
She's inspired me. I think I'll go pour something out of a bottle and kick back with it myself!


Knitting Linguist said...

It sounds like you've found the perfect way to beat the heat! Those babies are beautiful, and growing fast :)

Sheepish Annie said...

We've had one of the chilliest summers ever on this side of the country. Not that I'm complaining...I hate the heat!

Stay cool!