Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hot n' Fuzzy

Thought I would share a couple of knitting photos tonight. First up is the second Sweet Pea hat, this one in pink. It needs a wash and block but I'm going to try to get that done so I can get Missy A to model it.

I also started the matching sweater. One pattern repeat finished, and the second is well underway.

The "fuzzy" in the title refers to the quality of my photography today.
At least, I hope it's the photography. I'd hate to think my eyes were that bad!
Not quite sure what's going on. I can usually get nice clear shots, and these looked fine till I uploaded them,
They're fuzzy on Flickr, too.

This one is the worst of the bunch: my CPH which got hauled out of UFO status today and got another inch added to the hood. I remembered why this has been in time-out for so long: it's a giant pain to work on!

The hood itself isn't so bad. The needles are fine; I'm using my Knit Picks Options, and I love the way they knit.

The yarn is nice. Colorado Yarns' Durango, in a nice dark red.
But, the hood is knitted up from the fronts/back/and shoulders, so there are floppy pieces dangling from it. Every time I turn the row, flip go the fronts, flop goes the back, and whang! goes my patience.
Knitting is supposed to be fun and relaxing.
And yes, this picture makes you want to reach for the focus knob. But of the ones I took today, it was the best. I suppose I could haul it out and take more, and maybe I will. And maybe--oh, look! A flying pig!
Now, there are some guys who do know how to relax around here, and they don't do it with frustrating pointy sticks and yarn, either. No, they just find some place that has room for them--or not, as the case may be--and zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Hi-Hi seems to love the planner. It makes such a nice cat pillow! Then of course as he gets more and more relaxed, he slips and slides around. Yes, I know I have quite a nest going there on the bed. The cats don't seem to mind it!

I have a really cute picture of Simon, too, but unfortunately he was sleeping on my leg when I took it, and I've been informed that I need to STOP with the pictures of my feet, already, Mother! so no footie pics today.


mary said...

Yay for the pink hat! I'm so proud that you've pulled CPH out for a bit of sun. Don't let her get the best of you with the flipping and flopping!

Madge said...

Hee. Your post title reminds me of the movie title "Hot Fuzz." Dreadful movie, but funny title.

I'm proud of you for showing the CPH some love today, too. An inch at a time and soon you'll be done. (fingers crossed)

Sweet wee hat.

Knitting Linguist said...

I love that hat! It is absolutely darling -- almost competition for the fuzzy companions, but not quite :)