Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hot Stars

So the final activity of a Mystery Quilt Weekend is Show n' Tell, when people show off how much they've accomplished over the session. Because there was less time than normal to sew on this occasion, the most that people had to show was a block or two.

Here's one of them. I think this is the Butterscotch colorway (but I may be wrong, it's a bit late and I'm more than a little tired!)
Here's Anne with her Kiwiberry square. It's really one of the brightest and sparkliest colorways: the lime green really perks it up.

Of course, if you know Anne, you know that she has been on a lime green binge for a while now. She's made quite a few quilts that featured that color.

There's also a hint that there may be a Kokopelli-themed quilt in the near future, featuring... oops, lime green!

(But you didn't hear that here.)

Here's a whole grouping of the Sherbet colorway. You can just tell that Caren (second from the right) subbed in paler yellows for her star. There was someone else who subbed in brownish-golds, deeper hues, for hers. Both looked smashing, as did the original in Cheddar and Sun.

Louise was the only "finisher" in the Mint Chip color family. I think most of us assumed from the name that it would be mostly greens and browns, but there was quite a bit of blue in her kit as well.

The bus ride home was rather uneventful, which is exactly the way a bus ride should be! There were quite a few extra packages that came home, including at least four new sewing machines. No, I did not get one. I still am very fond of my beloved old Bernina 1230, a workhorse machine that has just enough computerized features to make sewing easier and more fun. I was reminded once again that I need to make time for quilting in my life...unfortunately, that means making space in my house for the sewing center. And that means, yes, moving out boxes.

Sighing over the interconnectedness of all these things.

Just in closing, here's what happens when you tell a 2-year-old to "smile for Memere." Cause everyone wants a picture of the Grandcarrot with an Islands beermat!

More cutie-pie pics tomorrow. Memere is heading for bed!


DPUTiger said...

That all looks really cool. I miss you guys, and I'm glad you had fun!

Madge said...

Welcome back!